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Below are the Winter cards can be sent
from Animated CyberKisses TM.  

All you need to do to send a card is to click on the image.  You'll be taken to a page that will allow you to fill in the details for the card that you've selected.

All images on this page are much
smaller than the actual card..

A mixture of Animated and non-animated Cards..
To save space and to allow  this page load faster
these images are not animated here.  
You will see the actual card on the next page.


I LOVE Winter! Winter Card #1
I LOVE Winter!
This is the caption on the card.
Snowman animation! Winter Card #2
Greetings From A 
Winter Wonderland!

This is the caption on the card.
I HATE Winter! Winter Card #3
I hate the cold..I hate the snow...I hate the cloudy days...I hate the short days....I hate winter!!
This is the caption on the card.
Yahoo!!!....I Love winter!! Winter Card #4
Yahoo!!!....I Love winter!!
This is the caption on the card.

This card lost a LOT of detail
when I squished it down.
The actual animation is much clearer...
SNOWBALL FIGHT! Winter Card #5
No caption on card.
Just a fun Snowball fight card!
A java snow card.. Winter Card #6
A java snow card...
A very popular card.. ROCKS!..

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