By Paula


It was winter when we met.
Winter in my heart and in yours, hoping for a sign of Spring.
A ray of sunlight in a wry smile,
A shared laugh like a brook breaking free of the ice,
Like crocuses, our small joys multiplied, assuring us that the thaw had come.
We planted our hopes together in soil made rich by experince.
We will weed carefully now,
Allowing growing space as we cull that which wastes energy,
Directing it toward nurturing what we want to keep.
The ever-changing climate is a challenge we will meet together,
Protecting from heavy weather and frost.
It is a labor of love, this garden we have started in our hearts.
A lifelong tending, side by side.
Let us make good use of our sunny days so that Winter's cold will never touch
us again.
I love you.