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Dream Catcher Postcard

If you would like to send someone some sweet dreams.
Then this is the card for you.

Dream Catchers are deeply embedded in the legends of the American Indians.

We have included a couple of the legends of Dream Catchers in the poem section. You may read them and attach one as a poem if you'd like.

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What visions fill your mind when you close your eyes at night?

Do your dreams fill your night with restless sleep?

Do you lash out or try to run from your demons in the night?

When you wake is your heart racing with a desire to
wash your dreams from your soul?

Where do your dreams take you when you close your eyes?

Do you dream of green meadows and cool mountain streams?

When you close your eyes do you soar with the eagles?

Does your soul wander the world taking in it's beauty and it's love?

What visions fill your mind when you close your eyes at night?

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You may send this as a poem if you wish.

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