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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses
Help Page

Here are some Questions and Answers to
 common questions about CyberKisses...

How much does it cost to send an Animated CyberKisses card?

There is no charge for sending a postcard from Animated CyberKisses.  We can do this because we are running banner advertising on our pages. Animated CyberKisses receives a few cents per every click on a banner.  This allows us to pay for our site and the bandwidth it uses and to upgrade the programs that run it.


Can I put a link to Animated CyberKisses on my own home page?

Yup you sure can. Links are always encouraged and appreciated.  You can use one of these graphics.    or    if you need another graphic color don't hesitate to mail me.

All you have to do to "grab" one of these graphics is right click on it with your mouse. Then save it to your hard drive and upload it to your own home page.  
Be sure to link it back to Animated CyberKisses with an active link like  this
<a href="">Animated CyberKisses</a>


I see you've redesigned the front page of Animated CyberKisses (again).  Where are all my favorite cards at?  I don't see the headings I'm use to!

Yes I have made some changes to Animated CyberKisses.  I've tried to cut down on the size and the time it takes the pages to load.  All your favorite cards are still there.  I've just moved them to sections of their own.  If you're looking for anything to do with a kiss then you just need to go to the dropdown menu on the left hand side of Animated CyberKisses main page and go down the listings till you find Kisses.  Everything to do with kissing is there.  Not just the cards but all the fun stuff too!  That's where you'll find guy kisses, girl kisses, hugs and kisses, first kisses and and and.... well you get the idea.   I've done the same thing with all the major sections.  Like Love and Romance, Holidays, Flower/Scenery cards etc.


How do I send an Animated CyberKisses card?

I have purchased one of the most popular postcard programs on the internet so that it will be as easy as possible to send an E-card from Animated CyberKisses.  

I'll walk you through the four easy steps of sending an E-card from Animated CyberKisses.

1.  First you need to select a card to send.  You can do this one of two ways.  First by clicking on the picture of the card you'd like to send and second by clicking on the active link below the image.

2. Once you've chosen a card to send you'll be whisked to a page I call the composition page.  This is where you'll fill in the information on who your sending the card too, the message that will appear on the card and any poem, backgrounds and/or the background music you'd like on the card.  The background, poem and the stamp are all chosen with a radio button.  You just need to poke the tip of your mouse's curser on the radio button you'd like to include on your card and left click your mouse.

Once you've done this you are ready to select when you'd like to send your card.  If you'd like to send it right away then do nothing with the dropdown.  If you'd like to send a card today up to a month in advance then put your mouse's cursor on the little down arrow and chose the date you'd like you card sent.

Now you're ready to fill out who the card is from and who (or is it whom) it going to.  A special note of caution here.  If you are cutting and pasting the address into either of these boxes.  Be sure that you don't get any extra spaces before or after the address.  The mail program will think it's part of the address and your recipient will not receive the card.  Also please please please make sure you have the correct address.  I can't tell you how many returned cards I see every day that has .con, .co, or ney instead of  .com or .net.  

Most of the cards at Animated CyberKisses allows you to send the card to more than one person.  If you'd like to send one card to everyone on your mailing list then press the yes button.  Otherwise do nothing.  If you are using the multisend feature.  It's after the preview that you'll input the names and E-mail address of your recipient's.

A special note to AOL, Web TV and anyone else that doesn't have to use the entire E-mail address when sending mail to other users of the same service.  At Animated CyberKisses and every other card site on the net you have to use the entire E-mail address as in  instead of just using CyberKisses.   

One other thing with E-mail address.  I've seen a trend lately of people getting addresses like this with underscores that start the E-mail address.  If you are trying to send a card to someone like this.  Animated CyberKisses and virtually every other card program out there on the net will tell you that the E-mail address is not a valid E-mail address.  If you have an alternate address for that person please use it.

3.  Please preview all cards and not just send them without a preview.  This will allow the card program to pick up on obvious problems with the E-mail addresses.

4.  If you're happy with the way the card looks and sounds then all you need do is press the Send button at the bottom of the screen.  If you've chosen to send the card now, your card will be sent almost instantaneously to your recipient's mailbox.   

If you are not happy with how the card looks then just hit the back button on your browser to make changes and repeat steps 3 and 4.


How do I pickup an Animated CyberKisses card?

There are a couple of ways to pick up your cards.  

1.  You can either click on the link (if you are using AOL) or you can click on the cards address.  This will open a browser window that will automatically load your card for you.  

2.  If you prefer you can follow the link that will take you to a "pickup window" at Animated CyberKisses.  Once there you'll have to either cut and paste the "ticket" number into the window or type it in.  Be sure not to get any extra spaces before or after the number.  Otherwise you'll get an error of card not found.  
I highly recommend just clicking on the link with the ticket number already attached.


I've received my card but I can't hear the music!  What gives?

Some browsers don't automatically play the music.  Some versions of Netscape asks you to double click on the music bar to hear the music.  In order to hear music at Animated CyberKisses you must have your java enabled.  In IE 5 you can check your to see if you have java enabled by going to Tool dropdown then to Internet Options and Advanced  tab.  Look under multimedia.  
In Netscape 4.5 it's under Edit, Preferences, Advanced.  Be sure that all the java check boxes are checked.  Make sure that you've got your sound turned up also.


How do I know that the recipient has picked up the card?

You will be notified via E-mail when your card has been picked up.  Again this is almost instantaneous once the card is viewed.  If you have not heard back from Animated CyberKisses in a few days that your card was picked up then one of three things must have happened.

1.  There was a burp in CyberSpace and your card went to that great void where errant E-mails, Chat room posts and God knows what else goes.

2.  You typed in the recipients  E-mail incorrectly. Out of the thousands of cards that are sent every day I get back about 10 a day because of incorrect addresses.

3.  You typed in your own E-mail wrong.  Yes Virginia it can happen.  I've done it myself...~*giggles*~


I can't find that "perfect" card I'm looking for!

Something new at Animated CyberKisses is a Search Engine.  You just need to type in a few words and it's off and running looking for that perfect card.

Still can't find a card?  Then make a card Suggestion.  I'd love to hear from you.


Find out what a hug is made of... I've heard that I can get a computer virus like Happy99.exe by using card sites?

Unlike some card sites on the internet Animated CyberKisses does not send you an executable program.  So there isn't any way for you to get a virus from Animated CyberKisses.  

Send a Smile, Nibble or a Pouting Card Do you give out E-mail addresses?

Animated CyberKisses does not give, rent, sell, lend, lease or otherwise give out any information of it's users.  Take a look at our Privacy Policy.

I am using the AOL browser and the JAVA applet gives a message "Loading image" but the image never appeared, just a gray rectangle. 

Turn off graphics compression in the AOL internet browser preferences.

On the toolbar, click Members, Click Preferences, Click WWW Icon (the globe) and you will see a dialog box. Click the "Web Graphics" tab, and a page appears with the question "Do you want Web Graphics to be compressed. This will display pages faster". Under the question is a box that you "check" if you want compression, otherwise leave it blank. If it's checked, clear it. 


One of the most important things you can do to make CyberKisses easier to find is to bookmark us or add to your favorite list.  It's easy all you have to do is press and hold the control key on your keyboard and then press the letter "d". ROCKS!..

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