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If you've received an error when trying to access a page at CK Please take a minute to cut and paste the address of the page you were trying to access and the page you were trying to access it from.

If you have a suggestion for a card please include a description of the card and a caption for it. Many of the cards at CK were suggested by it's users.

If your problem deals with a card that you have sent and has not been picked up. And you believe that it should have been picked up and you would like me to see what the problem is please send me the card number that you were given when you sent the mail. I can do nothing without this number. I can't look up who has sent what card to whom using the e-mail addresses. I have found that 99.999% of the time when a card is not delivered it's because the e-mail address was incorrect. Yes I know you cut and pasted it out of your mail program but if there was an extra space at the end of it or the front of it the card will not be delivered. So if you sent a card to be delivered immediately and it has not been picked up. My suggestion is to send another card or mail the number yourself.

Also I can not stop a card that has already been sent.
My suggestion here is to always be nice.

Thank you for using Animated CyberKisses.

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