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just a cute line I made

CyberKisses Awards and Honor's Page

Animated CyberKisses was featured in the
September issue of FamilyPC
Thank you FamilyPC

High Density Computing

On 11/16/1999 CyberKisses won the Hawk Award..

Visual Xtreme

On 11/20/1999 CyberKisses won the Visual Xtreme Bronze Award..

Tiger X Award

On 2/8/1999 CyberKisses won the TigerX Page of the week award

Starting Page

On 12/09/98 CyberKisses won the Starting Page top 200 award
Thank you Starting Page...

On 10/14/98 CyberKisses was chosen as a Starting Points HOT SITE.
Thank you Starting Point.

CyberKisses was featured at ALL~4~FREE
as a pick of the week....thanks

CyberKisses has been listed on the People's Choice WebSite 500
and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award.

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