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St Patrick's Traditions Page

1. Wear an emblem in honor of the saint-a custom which dates from 
as early as 1681-and the account of Thomas Dinely.
Generally a green ribbon the shamrock or 
a saint Patrick's cross (circle or square of 
paper decorated with green ribbon and bits
of priests vestments by girls and small 
children-for boys a paper cross in the style of the Celtic 
illuminations carefully decorated)

2. Go to work and demand the "Patrick's Groat" take leave of your
 capitalistic master and go to town and spend it all. (very
few of the zealous should be found sober at night account (Dinely 1681!). 

3. Men should make a cross of a twig of wild sallow
and pin it to the thatch inside the house or above the door. 

4. You may also wear a harp shaped badge 

5. Wear the "Trifolium repens"-white clover (Identified as such by Caleb Threlkeld in 1727) 

6.After church go to the pub to drink the "pota Pa/draig"-St. Patrick's pot. 
Many acts of devotion should be followed by an
equal number of acts of copious libation... 

7. Say this quaint line when doing so: 

Ordain a Statute to be Drunk 
And burn Tobacco free as Spunk 
And (fat shall never be forgot" 
In Usquebah,St. Patrick's Pot 

(Farewell 1689) 

8. It is doubtful if anyone knows what a shamrock is 
(Early 20th  century-Nathaniel  Colgan asked around Ireland and
found that it could be-
Trifolium repens, (white clover), 
Folium minus-(leser trefoil),
Trifolium pratense (purple clover),
Medicagio Lupulina (Black Medick) 
So you can pretty much take your pick... 

9.Give treats and gifts to friends and children. 

10.Put shamrock which has been worn on the day into the last glass of 
drink-then toast to the health of all and pick the wet
drowned shamrock out of the glass and toss it over the left shoulder. 

11.Using a burnt stick make a cross on the sleeve of each member of the household 

12.You have to eat meat and you do not need any special dispensation 
to do so.  Jocelin notes that as early as 1100 ADpeople ate meat in
 Lent due to an account of  St. Patrick doing so and then being 
forgiven the meat turning to fish in the boiling water. 

Thanks to Carl for this information..


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