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For centuries, both women and men have used gemstones and crystals to attract their love partners. 
Crystals have magic properties that help attune oneself to a higher Love vibration. The easiest way to get crystal energy is to wear the crystal as a pendant near your Heart, for at least 21 days for the energy to work. As your personal vibration changes to a higher, more positive outlook, you will attract your Soul Mate to you, like a magnet ! If you need to patch up your life to move on with a new relationship, or to help heal the one you have, read the following descriptions and select the crystal that best fits your situation. If you exchange crystals with a friend, you will be forever connected to each other !

AMETHYST - "A Master Healer". (Colour – Royal Purple). Amethyst is known to heal the Heart at the highest spiritual levels. It purifies negative emotions and promotes feelings of flexibility, cooperation and peace. Amethyst provides protection and balance during major personal transitions and reduces feelings of being victimized by others.
Amethyst supports all aspects of spiritual growth with peace and calm to fulfill one's mission on Earth, Amethyst helps you love again, and again.

CARNELIAN - "The Self-Esteem Stone". (Colour – Vibrant Orange) Carnelian eliminate feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. This stone is especially good for recovery after rejection by your lover. It transmutes sadness in your Heart into the initiative to do something positive about the problem. This crystal encourages enthusiasm, and is good for giving vibrancy to one's sexuality too!!

CLEAR QUARTZ – "The Abundance Crystal". (Colour – Clear). Clear Quartz is a crystal used for many purposes, including clear thinking, lucid dreaming and creating thoughts into reality. Clear Quartz provides balance and harmony to all areas of your life, health and spirituality. Be careful what you wish for when you wear this stone, as it amplifies your energy and you may get what you wish for !!

EMERALD - The "Prosperity Stone". (Colour – Intense Green) This crystal is a very ancient love stone and helps to soften arrogance and promote co-operation. It is good for busy family types to improve harmony and domestic loyalty. This stone helps dispel negativity thoughts and to hold on to what is practical. It cools an angry Heart and promotes Divine Love and Peace. This crystal is excellent for preserving love which is maturing into a long-term relationship.

JADE - "A Stone of Fidelity". (Colour – Pale Green) This stone is well known in Asia for soothing the emotions and protecting your health. Jade keeps the peace in family relations, improves self-worth, and self-sufficiency. It promotes peace, harmony and tranquility through emotional detachment. It can protect love from straying away, and helps build dreams into reality. Jade is said to give a warm glow to the skin.

HEMATITE - "The Anti-Stress Stone". (Colour – Steel Grey) When polished, Hematite looks like shiny steel. It gives emotional support to new love and protects the Heart from small "love wounds". The shiny surface reflects back any negativity and helps reduce stress to the whole body. Hematite also helps to ground love energy so it doesn't fly away when challenged. 

MALACITE - A "Stone of Transformation". (Colour – Forest Green) This dark green stone clears the Heart of past experiences by unblocking and absorbing any negative energies. Malachite allows you to stay tolerant, loyal and practical. It gives courage and helps dispel fear in the relationship. Malachite helps you break-free of self-denial and repeating old love patterns. It promotes responsibility and fidelity in partnerships.

ROSE QUARTZ - The "Love Stone". (Colour – Pink) This is the #1 Love Stone. Rose Quartz opens the Heart for love, and gives love to the wearer who might other wise have trouble giving love to themselves or to others. Rose Quartz shows you the power of your emotions and of the ability of Love to "Conquer All". This crystal brings softness to hardened Hearts, teaching you to Trust Your Heart. It dispels negative emotional states, such as gloom, despondency and possessiveness, and promotes harmonious relationships. Rose Quartz is very calming and loving. 
Enjoy !

RUBY - "A Stone of Love and Endurance". (Colour Red) Ruby is another ancient Love Stone which encourages romantic love and promotes the ideal relationship. This crystal brings focus to the Heart and releases disoriented, trapped love energy. It protects the Heart from unnecessary love-suffering and promotes the attainment of love objectives: health, happiness, wealth, spiritual knowledge). Ruby is also known to enhance dreaming and to attract great wealth !

For more information about Crystals, contact Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist at

Also link to: for a list of other Crystal
 articles written by Karen Ryan. © Karen Ryan, 1999.

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