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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses
Fun Cards

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I love to make humorous cards!

Cards to make you laugh! Fun Cards Fun Cards to bring a smile to everyone!
More fun cards! Fun Page 2 Fun Cards 2 Brighten someone's day with a humorous card..
Blowing some soft warm kisses... Mood Cards Let em know how you feel.. send em a mood card!!!  Cute cards based on the smiley face.
More funnies! Humorous Cards Humor Page  More fun cards...these will make you lol so be careful if your at work!
More funnies! MORE Humorous Cards Humor Page TWO More fun cards...these will make you lol so be careful if your at work!
Havin a bad hare day! Bad Hare Day Bad Hare Day.  A cute little play on words
Don't be such a sourpuss! Sourpuss Cards Sourpuss Cards.  Do you know someone being a sourpuss?  Let em know how you feel!
Don't get your knickers in a knot!!!! Knickers in a Knot A fun way to tell someone they're being a bit too intense...*l*
Dance with the Y2K bug... Y2K Bug Dance with the Y2K bug!
The Ultimate Remote! The Ultimate Remote Every man's dream remote!
No Cards! No cards are fun cards that say a variety of things like No BS!  Check it out!
SPLASH! Water Fight 
Some Cool and Refreshing Summer Fun...PASS IT ON!!!!
Snow Ball fight Snowball 
Snowball fight...PASS IT ON!!!! ROCKS!..

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