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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Stephanie

I think the major elements of romance is passion. Doing the little things that let your special person know that you love them and want to be with them. It's in a touch , a kiss or a card. It doesn't have to be a dramatic love scene.

romantic date: I don't really have a most romantic date, but I would have to say it was when I went over to my boyfriends house for the first time. We were watching the little mermaid and the "kiss the girl" song came on. I really wanted to kiss him so I did and then he kissed me back. We ended up sharing passionate kisses after that.

little things: He always has my best interest at heart. He is always concerned about my safety. He always asks if I did my homework or put in any study time. Sometimes he'll just stare into my eyes and tell me how beautiful I am.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Becki

little things: When he tells me he loves me and looks straight into my eyes when he says it.  When he leaves me sweet, loving messages in my e mail or sends me a card, for no reason at all.


heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Karen

Romance should be a quiet excitement of touch and emotion wrapped up with the elements of nature.  And should be a constant pleasure of never ending love for self & other.

romantic date: I had met and been dating someone very special and had to leave on business for a month.  When I got back he drove an hour to come see me (at 1am) and whisked me off to a bed & breakfast along the Malibu coast in Ca.  He had gone to great length to show his emotions to/for me.  The room had beautiful red, fuchsia, and wine colored rose petals showered over and around the bed. He took special care in getting a room with the view over the ocean.  And there was a magnificent full moon that evening. He had even arranged for a masseuse to come in for a massage session ( at this late hour! ) While I was getting into my robe for my massage he opened a bottle of champagne. We toasted to my homecoming and he showered me with kisses.  After the masseuse had left - my love came back and saw I had fallen asleep so he picked me up and tucked into bed.

The next morning - he had breakfast served to me in bed. Fresh fruit with an exotic herbal tea. And the most beautiful arrangement of flowers.  Around the stem of one of the flowers, something caught my eye.  Somehow a glowing 1 carat diamond engagement ring had found it's way into my flower arrangement. ( imagine that! :) ) He knelt beside me and said "I would ask you to be mine, but I could never imagine possessing such a rare and beautiful creature as you. So I will ask.. if you would ..share ..your life with me and have me as your husband - will you marry me? "

His touch , his smile, the way his eyes captured my soul- made my knees weak, the way we fit together when we walk, I knew in heart beat this was not only more than I had ever dreamed of but I knew that this would not be the end of my dreams and what our life would become ...together.

little things: Flowers, little notes, surprise lunches, phone calls, kisses in the morning to wake me, .

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Sue 

Sincerity, trust, commitment, caring, a true interest in another person

romantic date: Our first anniversary and we had no money but he made a picnic dinner, brought wine and music and we celebrated with dinner on the beach. We talked for hours about our first year of marriage and I knew we would be celebrating anniversaries for the rest of our lives.


heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Deloris

Romance, has to accompany feelings.  Anyone can mimic some scene they watched in a movie.  But let's be honest those are actors and what they are doing is acting.  True romance is doing for your lover those things which please and tantalizes.  Which creates for them a place of hope and joy and wishes in their heart.  If they like roses shower them in them.  A rose bubble bath, scented with rose bath oil and petals over the surface.  Then pat them dry and go to the bedroom where you do to them all the things they like.  If they have a favorite singing artist, then call the radio station which takes request and dedicate a favorite song. If you're married, take the kids for the day and give her day out.  And that evening time for just the two of you spent doing what he/she likes.  Romance is expressing just how much love is being shared in the relationship.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Renee

I am 27 years old and single but I can say romance is very important to me and for a long time I was very superficial when it came to men. He had to have just the right features, just the right clothes, have the 0 body fat physique and be at least 6ft tall and weigh 200 lbs or more. But what i've found is that none of those things really matter. The Man I now Love is 5ft 10in he's got a bit of a belly and he dresses okay but nothing like someone I would have had my eye on just a few moths ago. He is kind, cute, very affectionate and just plain ole caring. I love him because he makes me laugh, he is there for me when I cry and he strokes my ego every chance he gets. I cannot believe that I was so shallow for so long that I spent so much of my life trying to be with what I THOUGHT was drop dead gorgeous. I have been taken for granted, not appreciated and hurt by guys like that for so long it's crazy. But my Jerry is my heart. I find comfort in that and every day I recognize something else beautiful about him. He is my best friend.. my lover and the man whose rescued me from a life of shallow dreams and a aching heart. 

So all i'm trying to say people is stop looking for what's great outside and hope and pray for the ability to notice what's on the inside. The rest will all be history...Physical attraction should start on the inside and work it's way out... ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Anon

Romance is too often lost after becoming "comfortable" in any relationship! It is something I feel should not be allowed to die! With out it love is a myth!

romantic date: A date to the movies , he holds the door open as I enter and asks me which move i wanted to see before going to the counter. Got the tickets to my movie with out as much as a moan or complaint. Ordered a Ex-Large pop corn to share , me my own candy and a Ex-Large Soda with two straws to share! When I started to cry at the movie he went to the concession stand to get me a Kleenex and saw some flowers out side the theater ... picked one and brought it to me in the theater in a matter of minutes! After words we went on a walk through the park and talked a lot before it was time to return home .

little things: The simple gesture of picking a wild flower and the soft kiss on the check as he hands it to her.

The I did it for you because I wanted to gesture is great as well!

Writing a poem for me , making the letters of my name show what I mean to him each day ........ Not a lot of money has to be spent to tell the one you LOVE how you feel!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Lee

Trying to understand a woman in her entirety:
- her family background for it made her who she is today or changed her completely.
- her career, tells you only a part of her character, support her, encourage her
- her life, is just as incomplete as the next person, meet her, get to know her, spend time,
  understand her, share quality times together, take her away from the hustle and bustle
- her goals and ambitions, see what she wants and if you can help her get there without sacrificing
  your own goals and dreams
- above all make her laugh, make her feel like you are listening and understand her, comfort her
  give her space, let her grow, love her

little things: Makes me laugh when I'm sad, shows genuine concern for me,
calms me down when I'm upset or frustrated, supports me in my decisions,
shows me simple pleasures, watch sunsets & sun rises,
share romantic walks, give endless massages, endearing kisses,
gives me special hugs w/o words, just intensity.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Erin

my story begins with talking on a chat show on the net. I met this really wonderful
man and we have fallen in love with each other. we have never met and talk to each everyday.
we know that we will be together soon. i know that i can trust him, love him and just to be
together would be wonderful. The major elements in a romance is trust, love, faith joy hope
and just being together.

romantic date: my most romantic date is yet to come its when my hunny gets off that plane and i'm
there to met him, because you see he is on the other side of the world to me, then i will take
him home where we will have a candle lit dinner just for two, then just sit and he will take
me in his arms and just hold me, and at last we will be together.

little things: He makes me feel so good just the little things he says, like i love you i love
your smile your hair, you are beautiful. he sends me flowers notes, and e-mails me romantic
cards. just him being there for me when i feel down he always picks me up and makes me smile.
I love that man.!  I really think a good deal of understanding, relating, and trust needs to be there.  
People need to know why they love the person, and what it does to them.  They have to be able
 to fully bear their soul and admit everything, their past, present, and future. 
They cant be ashamed of things, they much be open and caring and willing to put another's
 needs above theirs.

romantic date:    It must have been just going to his house, walking
down to the basement, with the lights off, and just talking about everything
for an hour or so.  Showing our weakness and strengths, and cuddling and feeling
so warn and accepted, it was SUCH a perfect moment...

little things: Kiss my neck When I'm cold, hold me CONSTANTLY cuddle, everywhere
protecting me from people's remarks.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Jennifer


Well, when i met my wonderful boyfriend, it was just 3 months after my husband left me and 2 months after my father died.  I went to a party that his room mate was giving.  We hit it off immediately and I went to visit him for 2 months, on weekends, until we officially started dating.  This man is cute and terribly funny, and we had been through many of the same things.  The chemistry is wonderful.  The 2 most important things that I love about this man are his sense of humor and that he is a good listener.  He will listen to me and either hug me or tell me I am wrong and explain why. He is patient and giving and will do anything for me.  I really wish I had met this man a couple years ago, it would have saved me a lot of heart-ache with the idiot that I married.  But, at last I have found him, and don't intend to let him go.  I will keep him in my arms forever!

romantic date: The place doesn't matter to me.  What matters is that he is with me body and soul.  If he listens to me and shares himself with me, that makes the time with him special.  A candlelit dinner at home with some good movies and lots of cuddling is the absolute perfect romantic evening for me.

little things: My man can tell if something is bothering me and will ask what it is, then try to make me feel better.  That is one thing that makes me love him.  Another is his sense of humor.  Yet another is that he loves to cuddle.  And still another is that he would rather spend time with me than hang out with friends.



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