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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Kissy

It was at a school activity it was hot (bon fire) and we both decided we wanted to
go for a quick walk we walked around the school for an hour he got tired (or so he said) and
he asked me if we could sit down at a few picric tables that were about 20 ft away. He was so
cute all i could say was "GO FOR IT" so we went to the tables we sat down. right when i sat
down i sprung back up because it was wet the seat was wet (how embarrassing) and so he took
his coat off and he sat on it and told me to sit on his lap (ooh) so i did i turned around to
look at him and to ask him if i was hurting him and all he said was "do you like me?" and i
was like um sure i guess so and he said "then kiss me!" i was stunned and shocked i was like
um well and he pressed his lips against mine and opened up ooh it was the coolest thing in the
world it was dark and stars were out fire in the distance it was perfect ooh thanx bye bye

little things: when he puts his hands on my hips or when he tells me over and over that i am
beautiful oh that gets me and when he smiles his little smile at me just a bit ooh its so
cute, My mans name is josh and he has so many wonderful characters its so great the way he
is he is the gentle man of my dream

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Maggie

First you want someone you really like, and a nice dinner for two.  Real soft music
Put some slow music and dim the lights down.  Do some Cuddling, talk to the person, kiss
a little hold each others hand  Do some touching Get to know that person and you have a
Terrific date and maybe a long life partner.

little things: When he shows me that he loves me in public.  Touches my face and looks in eyes and tells
me that he will love me forever.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Tammy

Surprise is one of the major elements. Do something out of the unusual. A picnic,
museum, etc.

romantic date: Dinner at the Melting Pot. Afterwards we went and sat by the lake and listened
to music as we cuddled and talked.

little things: When my husband knows I am not in a good mood, He will send me jokes or cards
through the email to cheer me up.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Kristi 

YI think that the major elements or romance are trust, laughter, and the ability to make one 
another gush with happiness. Having a good time together without having physical intimacy is 
always a good thing too. Romance and relationships should never be based on sex. You should also be
able to tell your partner whatever you may be thinking without feeling uncomfortable

romantic date: This is a long story...
At the beginning of the school year, there were a lot of new people on my bus. One of them happened 
to be a very good looking guy. My friend at another school happened to know him and she told me a lot
about him. I was very curious to get to know him so I would walk up to the garbage at the front of
the bus just to get his attention. Then once, I sat down in his seat and started talking to him. He was
great! Funny and really good looking. Good at flirting too! It was becoming time to get off the bus, so I
offered him my phone number. I got his too and we ended up talking all night on the phone. The next night
I asked him to come over and watch some movies with me. I rented a couple horror movies and brought my
teddy bear down to hold onto when I was scared. A little further into the night, he got a hold of my
teddy bear. I begged and pleaded to have him back but he wouldn't give him back to me. The he said he
would...In exchange for a kiss. My stomach jumped and so i leaned over and hesitantly gave him a soft
kiss. It was amazing. He had told me that he had the softest lips in the world. And he did. It was the
nicest kiss in the world. One of the most exciting nights of my life too! Anyway, what happened was he 
eventually got his arms wrapped right around me. I loved it. I felt so safe in his arms. I held onto
him and he softly kissed my ear. It was wonderful.
We are still together and I love him more than anything He makes me the happiest girl in the world.

little things: He softly kisses my ear, and tells me how much he loves me.
His broad shoulders make me melt into him.  He also has the softest lips in the world and he is a great kisser.
We are perfect for each other.  He has the deepest darkest brown eyes that tell me how much he loves me just by looking into them.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ashley

little things: play with my hair, tell me things like i love you, draw circles on my back and
arms with there touch, looks out for me, cares!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ashley

Well I think the most major elements of romance are being yourself. Never make
yourself look better for anyone else's sake. And I also believe that showing someone how you
care about them, is just as good as telling them. But you still need to tell them as well,
they like to hear it once in a while. If a man is going to give a gift on a date, give a gift
that is from your heart, trust me it will mean so much more to that special someone.

romantic date: My most romantic date was when my fiancé took me to Niagara Falls. He took me
to a little restaurant close to the falls. A small cove where we could see it. And then he
took me there, and he didn't say anything to me, he just gave me a white rose, and kisses me
with all the love in his heart. We are married now, and have been for about 6 months. Our
first child is on that way. So if guys think that something small and sweet isn't as good as
something big and grand....think again. ;-)

little things: Well he comes home from work with flowers, or he has a little charm for the
bracelet he bought me. The last one he gave me was the word "baby". I just love that man so
much. ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Kimberly

 We all have our own fantasies of romance. When your desires are fulfilled
without words. Although we like the big things, the little things are the most precious. To
feel passionate towards another near and far. Never letting go of the first feelings of
heart. Learning to continue to make each other happy, spiritually, emotionally, sexually, no
matter what your age. Being genuinely happy with your mate and romance will follow. 

romantic date: Most most Romantic date would have to be a cyber date! We made an official time
to meet on a regular basis, we live on opposite sides of the globe. I bath, and beautify...The
whole nine yards. When my icq announces "user is online" my heart pounds, my body throbs, my
mind wonders of what and where we will go and do tonight. We go to the chat and take off to
beautiful locations describing every detail of our surrounds, each finishing ones sentence as
our own. We kiss and hug in the most intimate way I have ever experienced. Never in my life
have I been loved, cherished, adored as this man does me. Never will I let this feeling leave
my heart. Whether we meet or just remain the way we are. These dates online have been the
most loving, caring, thoughtful times in my life.

little things: When the msg. just states "mmwwhaaaah"
When he tells me "just because I'm in love with you"
When he describes what he would like to do to me!
When I receive virtual cards that express his feelings.
That no matter what I say, he is always listening!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Candy

well it all being last school year. my friend was having a birthday party so i
went. at her party there was this really got guy. i was staring at him the whole night. the
next thing i know i was setting next to him and had no clue what to say. after that night i
want my friend to hook me up with this guy. but he went to a different school. she said that
he wanted to get to know me and that he liked what he seen. a few months later i was getting
ready to movie down to Florida with my family and she had a going away party for me. and
guess who was there. josh!!!! he was being so nice to me. we were talking and hang all on one
another. but it was to late... i was moving. my family and i movie and he was out of my life.
well we didn't like it down there about 4 months later so we diced to come home. to make this
shot me and him started talking and we went to homecoming together. and have been dating
since sep.3rd of 1999. i love and care a lot about him.

romantic date: for our 3rd anniversary he took me out to eat. we then went back to his house and
went for a long walk. on the walk we did a lot of talking together. that night we watched my
favorite movie the titanic. 

little things: A) he always say how beautiful i am.
B) when we fight he always say it is his fault.
C) he sends me balloons out of the blue.
D) he is there no matter what.
F) he'll act like my friend at times when i want a friend to talk to and not my boyfriend.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Beverly

my story begins with talking on a chat show on the net. I met this really wonderful
man and we have fallen in love with each other. we have never met and talk to each everyday.
we know that we will be together soon. i know that i can trust him, love him and just to be
together would be wonderful. The major elements in a romance is trust, love, faith joy hope
and just being together.

romantic date: my most romantic date is yet to come its when my hun gets off that plane and i'm
there to met him, because you see he is on the other side of the world to me, then i will take
him home where we will have a candle lit dinner just for two, then just sit and he will take
me in his arms and just hold me, and at last we will be together.

little things: He makes me feel so good just the little things he says, like i love you i love
your smile your hair, you are beautiful. he sends me flowers notes, and e-mails me romantic
cards. just him being there for me when i feel down he always picks me up and makes me smile.
I love that man.!



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