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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Anon

I was friends with this girl that a had a party and I was invited so I went. Well
after I had been there like 10 or 15 minutes I was ready to go cause it was getting boring.
Well then this guy showed up and he looked really fine. Well he apparently was attracted to
me too cause he talked to me and asked for my number. So I gave it to him. Well he called and
we got each others email and everything. Then we started doing things together a lot. Well one
day he asked me out and I said yes. Well when we started going out he asked me if I would
start going to church with him every Sunday and Wednesday and so I did. Well he introduced me
to his friends and family the first Sunday I was there. They liked me and I liked them. They
were nice people. When church was over he asked his parents if it was ok that he take me out
to eat. So we went to an expensive restaurant. Well when we were through we did the usual
movie and dinner thing. Then I left to go home. Well this went on!
for my whole entire life. From sixth grade to my senior year. Then we broke up. I was so
heart broken. Then in February we had to go to school on Valentines Day which was ok I guess
since I didn't have a boyfriend anymore. Well I went to school and when we were in the lunch
where everyone was at at that time of the day the principal and some guy with flowers, candy,a
teddy bear, some boxes that jewelry that came in and some chocolate lips picked up the
microphone and said for me to come to him. Well I went up there. (My x was also there too)
When I got up there he said this for you and everyone started clapping. I read the note
inside the flowers and it said "I am sorry for what I did. These whole couple of months that
we have been separated hasn't been the same for me as it was when we were together. I hope
that you can forgive me and give me another chance. I LOVE YOU!" I started crying right then
and there. I told the principal to hold my things for me as I looked around to!
find him. I finally found him looking straight at me. I ran to him and he grasped me in his arms. 
He kissed me and I said "I'll give you another chance cause I feel like it is my fault too for
 letting you go so easy." From that day on we were together and still are.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Olgita

He came to me like a wind, when i didn't wait for him. He was like sweet dream. We danced,
kissed, love so much each other. Now he is so far from me. Wind had gone from me, came home,
to their high land, somewhere...  

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Elsie

When I was in high school, there was a boy that I thought was cute but was too
shy to say anything to him. I used to just watch him and smile at him occasionally. A few
months ago, I saw his name listed in the site for my high school graduating
class. After 28 years, I finally got the courage to say "hello." It turns out that he felt
the same about me but was also too shy to approach me. We communicated via the internet for
several months. He lives in Alaska and I reside in California. Since he had a business trip
to Arizona planned, he asked if I would like it if he would stop to see me on his way home.
Of course I said "yes." Unfortunately, we only got to spend a few days together. But we truly
enjoyed each others' company. He's grown to be a wonderful man. Too bad he lives so far away.
Who would have ever thought we'd get together after all these years??.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Leah 

I think romance is enjoying her stories, thinking her jokes are funny, holding her
face when you kiss her, asking her to play with your hair because it feels good, daises in
the spring, notes on her fridge, telling her she is beautiful, when she knows she isn't and
laying in bed, snuggling up to her back and telling her you love her...

little things: He will follow me into the kitchen, just to hug me. He lays down on the couch
with his head in my lap and holds my hand to his face. 
He holds my face in his hands when he kisses me.
He does crazy things to make me laugh. He sends me e-cards all the time. He bought me
lingerie and flowers...
He calls me on Sunday night if we did not see each other over the weekend.....
He is a very gentle and caring person, but very macho at the same time. He is strong, and
confident and makes me feel very safe......

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anita

The major elements of romance are:
when two couple are in love and both are in great passion. when they kissed it feels melting
as candies in our mouth, smoothly and slowly....

romantic date: i had a date .
this boy came to my house and there was only the two of us. we sat on the caught and started
to hold hands and hugging each other. i put my head on his shoulder. we were just giggling to
each other. he squashed my hands softly and my heart beats pump and pump and pump...
that was my first date with my first crush. it was sweet and unforgettable romantic moment for

little things: he always make me laugh naturally. he makes funny stuff like jokes to me. He
makes me feel just the way i am, i don't have to be someone else. his affections keeps me
comfortable. it's the time when i just gush i love this man!.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Regina

In romance, there must be love and respect. a relationship would not work out if the
two are not open to each other. it will be a good idea if both of you learn to give and take

romantic date: we went out dinner, bought me a cute stuff toy and he gave me a cute balloon

little things: he always hug me and tell me he love me ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Lacey

The major elements of romance are eye contact when speaking to that person. Body
language is important too but what's important to me is after the date is over a nice kiss
without the expectation of sex before you go home....makes you think about that person even
more and have more respect for them as well.

romantic date: The first time we went out I knew there was something between us yet he never
pushed me or even spoke about the next date. He gave me a hug and a kiss and we said our
goodbyes. The next time we went dancing, we talked, he was so afraid to give me that first
passionate kiss but I saw the want in his eyes so I asked him to kiss me. Well it was total
magic, our lips were locked and well....the rest is history. hehehehe. We are still seeing
each other.

little things: Little things that he does that drive me crazy are: just the way he looks into
my eyes, the way he makes me laugh no matter how down I am at the time, the way he never
pushes me and knows just when to back off. He is one terrific guy.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Dalis

The touch of his hand on mine.
the kiss he lays on my neck.
the things he says in my ear.

romantic date: candles, roses, sweet smelling oils

little things: his voice turns me on

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Matthew

To say what i think, of what the major elements of Romance might be, can be different from anybody 
else's idea. My thoughts on this would have to do with my very special someone, that I have in my
heart right now. 
That very special someone would have to be Crystal.. my baby. I've never felt, or even come close to the feeling of romance until you baby. You have made me feel that sharing true feelings from my heart to yours, is the greatest feeling anybody could ever have. I know that I haven't told you what I think are
the major elements of romance are but this will have to do.

romantic date: My most romantic time that I have ever shared with Crystal would have had not
to be a date, but a nut the most special day of my life that I have ever spent with someone.
Getting away from all of our worries, driving far from them, spending what time we had with
the most adorable twins. Having the feeling that these two boys, were our own. Knowing that
someday, one day we'll have a family of our own. Knowing that nothing, not a soul could
spread our hearts apart. Driving back home, laying next to me, in the darkness. Just having
time for us, no one else but us.

little things: The little things that you do...The way you stick your head down and shake it
and start to laugh while you try to cover your face...the way you say baby to me.. the way you
say you love me.. and the way you tell me goodnight sweetie. Those things really touch my




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