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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Yelo

After you read this story I hope you will take my advice, and be overly careful with who you go out with. 

I met this man online, first mistake. He sent me his picture and we talked on the phone for a couple weeks before we made a date to meet in person. I went to meet him at a sports bar that we were both familiar with. We stayed there for a couple hours drinking and talking when he asked if I would like to go to a different bar that some friends of his where at. I agreed. He said "well why don't we drop your car off at my place so we don't have to take two cars". For some reason that sounded right to me. I followed him to his place and he said he wanted to show his place to me before we went to the other bar. I agreed, second mistake. Everything was ok until I pretended to get on his computer to check my e-mail. He freaked out on me. Started screaming in my face that I was disrespectful, and put handcuffs on me. 

I pretended not to be bothered by it and asked him to stop playing around and take the handcuffs off. He wouldn't, so I went into the desk drawer that he got them from hoping to find a key. I started throwing the junk in the drawer onto the desk. This really pissed him off! As he was picking up the mess I made he was cursing at me and telling me how stupid I was and that he could throw me out the window and kill me right then and there. I remained as calm as possible and kept asking him to just take the damn handcuffs off me. As he kept cursing at me he looked for the key. At one point he started to laugh because he couldn't remember where he put the key. When he started laughing I almost got up and ran out of there with the handcuffs on!!!!
Right then he found them and unlocked the cuffs. As he walked back over to the area he found the keys, I got up and bolted out of his place! 

So please people (yes, men too) be careful out there!!! And thank you for reading my story. 

Great advice!


heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Samantha

About 2 years ago, my friend asked me to go out with this guy that she knew from work. She said she would have herself, but she was seeing someone at the time. So I , being a good friend, agreed. The guy called me the night before to make plans about what to do on our date. He said that he had a single friend and asked if i had any friends who would like to double date with us. So my best friend and I went with him and his friend. It was the most embarrassing date ever! I never judge a person by looks, but they were such slobs, not shaved and their clothes looked like they had not been washed in years. Well, we decided to go out to dinner. They were so loud and rude! And then my date let out this huge fart! I was ready to end the date there, but they insisted we go to the movies. My friend and I were not amused! So we went to the movies to see I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Well, we ended up getting kicked out!! They were laughing and throwing ice. Now that was the worst date ever! So my advice is to never ever let a friend set you up on a date! 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Deg

My 1st date as a divorced woman, I was set up by a friend...bad mistake. I should have known when she told me he was a mortician, but I thought it couldn't be that bad, wrong again. We decided to me for late lunch at a local deli, myself thinking it would not be busy at this time. He showed up in his baby blue leisure suit, silk striped shirt and vitalis  hair (hair oil stuff) ( folks this was 1995), and on that particular day everyone I knew was having a late lunch at the deli. I don't think I have ever been so embarrasses in my life. Needless to say that was my first and last date for a very long time. He was like something out of a movie or another era.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Lori

Well, I had been separated from my husband for about 6 months, and living on my own for the first time in many years. I had a really nice, and nice looking neighbor across the street, and thought he might be someone I wanted to go out with. He had a son about the same age as mine, and the boys would play together when they were both there at the same time. My best friend, who also happened to be the assistant manager of the apartments we lived in, knew him well, so she told him of my interest, but as it turns out, he had just been dumped by his fiancé and was not interested in a relationship at that time. However his best friend, Dean, had seen me around when he was at my neighbor's house, and wanted to go out with me. So my best friend decided that my birthday was the perfect opportunity to set us up. She and my neighbor and Dean took me out for dinner. As we sat at the bar waiting for our table at the restaurant, Dean just kept staring at me, and getting really close, and asking me a lot of very personal questions. I was very uncomfortable with this, but I am one of those people who hates to hurt anyone's feelings, so I just kinda played it off. We had dinner, and then all went back to my place to watch a movie. Dean sat next to me, and started running his hand up and down my leg, at which point I told him I didn't think that this was going to work out, and that actually, I was more interested in his friend (my neighbor). Well, he got up and walked outside to his truck. My friend walked out to check on him, and he was outside, actually crying, because I didn't like him. This is after we had known each other for only about 3 hours. I never saw him again, but from then on we referred to him as Dean the Weenie.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Hunter

A friend met a guy at a movie premiere and went out on a date with him and had a marvelous time. We were together the evening that she met him so he insisted that I go out with his co-worker. After talking to him on the phone he seemed just as charming as my friend's new admirer so I agreed to have dinner with him. Well the Magic moment arrived and Prince Charming came to pick me up at my Mother's house (just in case). Well we began walking down the walkway and came to his Blue Volkswagen Vanagon. Since my friends always accuse me of being a snob regarding material matters I hopped in the car and was determined to proceed with the evening until my "date" handed me a flashlight and requested that I shine it out of the window since his headlights were not working and asked me if I knew how to get to the Beverly Hills Cheesecake Factory using the side streets so he could avoid the cops. I then suggested we take my car but he insisted that he was a gentleman and women should not drive on the first date. Rather than risk being killed I suggested we stay at my Mom's and watch a movie.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Greta

I had been on this long, long dry spell, I mean we're talkin like 10 months without even a phone call. My friend Missy decided I needed to go out with one of her boyfriend's buddies. It was terrible!!! First of all we were obviously not each other's types. He was like an alternative kind of guy where I'm more like this bright flashy, red lipstick wearing kind of girl. When we met we said hi and that was pretty much all he said to me the whole night. We went to see a movie and I had to pay my own way, he did not even offer. He did not sit my me and he saw some friends of his and went over and hung out with them for a while. Then after the movie we went for ice cream, once again I paid and once again he would not sit by me. When the terrible night was finally over he was like, "Bye." Ok, even if he was not interested in me he did could of at least been polite. Right? I sure thought so, its not like I was all about him either So anyway, that is my story. 
Thanks for listening.

story2: This story is a little more steamy. I met a guy through a friend of mine and we sort of hit it off. He was 29 and I had just turned 21 but he was really cute and it was just one date so I figured what the heck. The night started off ok, we went to a bar and played some pool then we went back to his grandfather's house and watched a movie. It was all pretty innocent until he started kissing me and then he got a little carried away. He started saying really lude things to me. Here this was our first date and he actually had the nerve to tell me, and I quote, "I wanna make you c*m!" I was like AHHH, I have to go now. Needless to say that was the last time I ever went out with him. I mean what did he think I was, obviously he did not realize that he had to earn a piece of this! 



heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anon
Being 5'8 and pursued by an ambitious 5'6 executive was a bit weird. But when he offered dinner out of friendship, I obliged.

He brought me to the best restaurant, showed me off like a trophy, and when any of his mail associates got close to me, he'd grab my waist and hold me tight.

After fumbling through the dinner with him regaling me with his business and advertising exploits, he started asking me personal questions. I fended them off, and looked at my watch and asked where the bathroom was. He escorted me to the bathroom!!!

So I begged some poor woman to go to the maitre d' and request a female server to lend assistance to me in the ladies' room as I was feeling rather ill. The establishment obliged, so I asked the server to please call my pager and explained the whole horrid date. She smiled and said that I was not the only one who had asked for this help. Worse, it was with the same gentleman. So she decided to change the scene a bit, and have a call put through from my fictitious husband. It would be her boyfriend in the lounge. 
I get back a bit flushed, and my date asks to go to the lounge. I refuse. Just then the call comes through. HE gets up upon hearing the call from Mr. Ross... my husband, and goes to the lounge. I warn the person on the other end of the line and he says "no problem.... >click<"
Next thing I know, my date is being escorted out the door for harassing a customer. The server who helped me followed him with the bill. He pointed to me across the room, and she shook her head.
By this time, I am sooo embarrassed, but her boyfriend comes up to me and introduces himself. I ask him to join me in a dinner that had not started. He laughed and said that my date had paid for it already, so we might as well.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Yaz

Ok, here is my story...And I am gonna tell ya, it is a long one. I was 17 years old, and a senior in high school. There was this absolutely adorable guy who was across the hall from my classroom. He started sending me letters asking me out. Some of the letters were kinda weird (telling me his whole life story) so I was a little reluctant. But all the girls in my class kept telling me to go for it... So I did. Well, we met one night and were actually having a really nice time. Then he said something that really made me wonder about him.. He tells me he loves me.. Ok, every woman knows that men only say that for one reason... But that wasn't the case here.. He really meant it.. Ok, now I am really thinking that this guy is a wacko! Well, it gets even better.. He tells me that he ran away from the Juvenile home to see me.. And that he needs a place to stay for the night... Now, you have to know me.. I can't be mean to somebody if I tried.. I felt kinda bad for the!
guy and also a little flattered.. So I take him to my house... I introduce him to my mom (who, of course loves him) and she feeds the guy lasagna. So of course I am not going to tell my mother his little problem. So I talk to my friends mom.. She lets him stay. So he hangs out there the next day, while I went to school. While I am school I am informed that this guy has a g-friend.. (HALLELUJAH! I AM FREE! PERFECT EXCUSE TO GET RID OF HIM!!) So, I thought... He left my neighbors house, but then the phone calls started.. He was begging me to take him back.. (After one date???) I said no... See ya, Beat it! 
So he decides to go back to school.. Then came the flowers.. Everyday! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! At lunch time, he would try to sit with me, so I started eating in the bathroom..A couple of my guy friends finally told him to leave me alone or else.. (This better work) He left me alone at lunch and stopped trying to talk to me (still got roses though) About 3 days later, my mom asks me about him, she said that she knows his probation officer, and that he told her all about this guy (group home escapee) So she tells his PO that I know him and he wants me to get him to my house so he can arrest him! (WHAT! I THOUGHT I WAS RID OF HIM!) So ok, I'll do it...So I meet him in town and he is like all over me! I wanted to puke! He even joked about me setting him up for the cops.. (Maybe he's smarter than I thought) Of course I deny all of this.. (hehe) He believes me (hehe) and I persuade him to go to my house.. We walk in the door, and up jumps the Probation officer, I continue to keep walking, right up the steps to my room.. I felt really really bad but hey, now I know that he will leave me alone, I mean come on, I just set him up.. Right? 
NO WAY! He actually believes that I had nothing to do with that, even though I tell him that I did, and he thinks that I am just saying that to get rid of him... (NOOOOOOOOO!!) Well, he finally went away, I knew this because my friend starting getting letters from him.. (better her than me) then came the flowers...(she is in trouble) She got rid of him right away though.. Then a year later, I get a collect phone call from him. He is in jail.. (there's a surprise) and he wants me to bail him out of jail! (GIVE ME A BREAK!) Now, why the heck would I do that?? I hung up on him, and didn't hear from him again!!! 
For the next five years anyway, then low and behold, he is my mom's neighbor!!! AAHHHH! 
He tried one time to ask me out (even though I was married at this point) He got the hint real quick! After my husband threatened him. 

Well, that's it.. I know it was long, and I hope not too boring, but that was the worst date I ever had... 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Danielle

I met this guy through a acquaintance of mine. He and his girlfriend had just broken up and I was told he just wanted a friendly ear and someone to hang out with.  Since I wasn't interested in a relationship at the moment either, (I was at the end of my third year with one more to go and didn't have time to devote to any relationship),  I decided that I would hang out with this guy after my finals. When he called, I told him we could meet the day I wrote my finals because I knew I would be in a celebratory mood and I now had time so we could spend the afternoon and part of the evening together. He agreed, and told me that since I would be doing him a favor by helping him to get his  mind off his problems, he would arrange everything. I knew that he didn't make a lot of money, so I told him he didn't have to be extravagant. We could spend the day at the park or we could go driving for a while (to get to know each other a little better).

The day of my exam arrived. I got up, took extra care with my clothes and make-up because I didn't know where we were going later in the evening and didn't want to have to go home and change especially since this was the first time I'm going out with this guy I didn't want him to know where I live, just in case he turned out to be a real creep. Anyway, after my exam, I went to the designated spot where we were supposed to meet. I waited for 15 minutes after the appointed time of our meeting and he still didn't show up.  I was getting ready to leave when he came barreling up to me. I thought, oh well, there could have been a lot of traffic or something that caused his delay. He stayed in the car, leaned over and opened the passenger door. I thought to myself "OK, so this guy obviously doesn't know how to treat a woman - thank goodness I mentioned upfront that I wasn't interested in a relationship".  I got in the car and he just started talking about the park where we were going - no apology or explanation as to why he was late. It was at this point I started empathizing with his former girlfriend.

We got to the park, and actually had a wonderful time just talking and relaxing until he broke into tears talking about his ex. At this point I'm thinking - oh great, just what I need- to have to console this big baby. Anyway, I gave him a hug and a pat on the back which he of course misconstrued and tried to kiss me. I wasted no time in setting him straight on that score.  He apologized and I accepted his apology. I was getting a little uncomfortable now because I wasn't sure if he was staging this whole scenario, so I told him I was getting hungry and suggested we go get started for the restaurant. I asked where we were going, but he told me not to worry, it was a surprise. We got in the car and started driving. He was driving in the
direction of a shopping mall where there were no restaurants. I thought he had to make a quick stop, but he pulled into a parking spot, got out and stood waiting for me to get out, which I did.  We started walking to the food court, and at this point I'm thinking - no way!!! There's no way this idiot is taking me to a fast food restaurant. We got to the food court, and he looked at me with this big smile on his face and asked what I wanted. I'm afraid I kinda lost my cool and asked him if McDonalds and fast food was his idea of a restaurant. I asked him how much money he had.  It turned out he only had $10. Luckily I have been brought up to always carry money with me when going out, so I had about $60 in my purse. 

I told him I was not going to eat any fast food, and that I wanted to go somewhere nice. He hesitated for a long while until I said that I would pay.  So, we went to a really nice restaurant, we ate, I paid then told him goodnight. I made up some story about meeting my friends at the bar down the street for a celebratory drink, then when he drove off I hoped the bus and went home. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: You

Oh no here we go again with the white spaces!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: You

These are pretty great stories but I need more!  Come on don't hold back!  Send me your stories! 


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