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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Anon

I had joined a local computer dating service and had met some nice guys 
(one really good looking one too).  One guy I had e-mailed but not met yet 
invited me to his Christmas party at the local country club so I agreed to go.  
The guy showed up but only had one arm and he was uglier than a tree.  
Now I am not a shallow person, I would have agreed to go on the date even
 if he had told me ahead of time about the accident in which he lost his arm.  
But to show up at my door like that shocked me and I felt uncomfortable instead
 of being prepared.  So, we're on the way to the party and he starts telling me 
how much my parents are going to love me and he can't wait to take me out 
of town to meet them.  This is 10 minutes into the date, mind you!!  

We get to the party and he is all over me like a bad suit, touching, grabbing, 
patting my behind and calling me sweetie, honey pie, snookums, etc.  I was 
so embarrassed and I don't like someone I don't know touching me in that way !
or being in "my space".  I told one of his co-workers that I worked for an escort 
service because I didn't want anyone there to think I voluntarily went out with 
this guy.  He kept calling me for a few weeks after that date and I guess he 
thought we were a real hot item, but he finally quit calling when he didn't 
get the warmth from me he thought he should.  That's the last date I went 
on and that was last year!  I learned my lesson!


heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Elska

I was 21 when I met a group of Italian men. They would invite me to join them many
 times when they went out and they would come to pick me up in a van and we would
 all get into the van and drive to different places for coffee, drinks, dinner, etc.,.  I was
 the only female in the group and found it quite interesting, always wondering if they 
were mafia or just mafia wannabes. It was approaching New Years and one of them, 
named Frank, asked me out for New Year's Eve.  I said "yes" and we met up with all 
the other's who were also with dates.  It was fun...we had dinner and drinks, danced 
to good music but, I wasn't particularly attracted to Frank as the evening went on.  

When it came time to take me home he walked me to my apartment door and I got 
my keys out and as I opened the door I extended my hand to say "goodnight" thanking
 him for the evening. He leaned into me for a kiss and I turned my head away.  
As I tried enter my apartment he persisted by putting his foot in the door, preventing 
me from closing it.  I repeated, "Thank you for the evening but, I'm not interested in 
taking this any further."  He argue "After taking you out and buying you dinner, this 
is all I get?"  I said "Just because you bought me dinner does not mean anything else
 is supposed to happen.  Good night!"  He tried to force his way into the apartment and 
I spoke louder, hoping my roommate had returned from being out.  Luckily she was home. 
She heard me and called out "Elska, what's going on?"  Frank quickly removed his foot 
from the door and I immediately closed the door.  By then my roommate had rushed to 
the door frantically asking questions.  I couldn't believe it!  It made me realize how 
vulnerable we are, trusting a date to be just a date without any obligation to 'pay' for

 Ah, the lessons of life!  I'm lucky my roommate was home for I can only guess 
how it would have turned out otherwise!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: ~*Lee*~

It was our 2nd date and we were making out for the first time. We were sitting on 
the couch in front of the tv and there was a hockey game on.  I didn't think either 
of us were paying it any attention...I didn't notice, but someone came in the room 
and turned the TV off, and my boyfriend jumps up in the middle of what I had thought
was a steamy kiss to yell, " HEY! I WAS WATCHING THAT!!" ...When he wanted to go
on like nothing had happened I told him to go on watching TV instead!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Carol

I always tell people "don't go on blind dates" it's horrible.  My first blind date was 
when I was still in High School.  I worked part time at a dime store and this friend 
of mine was dating a really cute guy.  She said that he had a friend and would I go
with them to the fair.  I said sure I would, thinking that I would go with a normal guy.
When we got off work, the guys picked us up. My date, Art, had a hairdo very similar 
to Larry (of Curly, Joe, and Larry--the 3 Stooges, don't you know) and a laugh like 
Yogi Bear---Huh, HUH, Huh-huh-huh, Yuc-yuc yuc.  He laughed when we were introduced 
and at every other word I said all night.  He never said a single word---just laughed. LOUD. 
He seemed to have a good time though and I enjoyed it but was pretty uncomfortable---
He stared at me a lot.
We shook hands at the end of the date and I never heard from him or of him again.

story two: My last Blind date was with another 'friend' of mine's friend. I went with 
my girl friend and her husband to a club.  Had two drinks with this guy, and He sent 
me a TREMENDOUS Boston Fern with a letter thanking me for the wonderful weekend 
the next day and called every day and sent flowers and stuff for months.

I had only spent two hours with him.
I thought that was strange.

I am now happily married to a man I didn't even go out with on a "date" 
for a couple of years after I met him.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Nikki

Okay, so I met this guy at work.  He came in to meet with the VP a few times.  
He was very flirty and extremely funny, which made up for the fact that on a 
scale of 1-10, he was about a 5.5 in the looks department.  After a few more run ins, 
I agreed to go to lunch with him.  The lunch was okay, nothing spectacular.  
He called a few more times & I agreed to go the the movies with him.  
We had a fantastic time.  It turns out he was not only funny, but well educated and
extremely  smart. (Which made him go from a 5.5 to an 8)  

By the end of that night we had planned several more dates & even made plans 
for New Year's eve.  After about 2 weeks, I decided it was time to introduce this 
great guy to my friends.  We had all agreed to meet at our favorite place.  Well, 
the guy shows up about half an hour late, not only that, but he's also drunk.  
He ordered a few more drinks & got louder & drunker as the night went on.  
My friends & I went to go back through the line for more fabulous BBQ.  

I was absolutely mortified.  I apologized for his behavior & tried to explain that 
he had never acted this way before.  While in line we notice that a waitress has
 sat down at our table next to him.  When we got back to the table (20 minutes later) 
the waitress is still sitting there with my date.  We actually had to ask her to move 
so that we could all sit back down.  She walks over to the bar & gets a stool & sits 
it about 15 feet from our table.  The next thing you know, my date is moving his 
chair away from the dinner table & sitting with the waitress.  He sat over there talking 
to her & pulling their chairs closer together for about a half an hour.  He finally comes 
back to the table.  By this time, I am not happy with him at all.  I was ready to leave.  
My friends & I finished our food and asked for the check without saying one word the 
Mr. Socially Inept.  As we're walking to the door he asks me at what point in the 
evening did I stop having fun.  

So much!  for me thinking he was smart.  I tried to explain to him what he had done 
wrong & that even my friends noticed his rude behavior.  

He said that he was not able to apologize for me or my friends & that he saw 
nothing wrong with moving away from the dinner table to talk to a complete stranger.  
He then asked if I still wanted to go to his house & watch a movie.  I told him that I 
did not want to spend any more time with him that evening.  He went on to ask me 
if I was a problem junkie & if this was one of my issues coming out.  Needless to say 
I drove home immediately.  The entire way home I wondered how anyone that dumb 
& rude could have possibly lived this long.  When I got home, I called him to cancel the 
future dates we had planned.  He answered & said that he knew I was calling to apologize
for my behavior & that we could just forget about it & go on like nothing happened.  

Needless to say, I informed him that I had never been so insulted in my life & that I 
would NEVER go out with him again.  Thankfully, the company I work for was not all
that interested in what he was trying to put together & after I told my boss of his behavior, 
all ties were cut.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Donna

Horror Date or Romance?

I知 not too sure if this should go in the Horror Dates or the Romance section.

To understand what I mean, you have to know this was the man that totally knocked me off my feet. Whenever I looked at him or even thought about him, my little old heart would start this crazy beating, which I was sure everyone within a mile range could hear.

Hey I was young and madly in love!

We had dated off and on for about six months, and I knew that this was the man I was going to marry, I知 not to sure if he knew it at that time though. He had asked me out for dinner and drinks with some friends of his. We ended up at this cozy little bar with a great band, and danced and talked and laughed the evening away. It was around midnight when someone suggested we go for Chinese food, and was greeted with a chorus of 添es, lets do it!

When we entered the restaurant my heart took a nosedive, the woman was there, now I知 being nice, in calling her a woman. I知 sure all the women in the world know exactly what I知 talking about, and Cyberkisses is a family page so I have to be nice. 

What is it about men that they are so obtuse that they don稚 know when a woman is coming on to them? Well I知 getting a little ahead of my story.

We found a table, of course right beside the table of the 努oman. The whole time I知 talking to myself just be cool, he痴 with you, and she痴 so obvious he値l see right through her. I get through the ordering of the meal, and she has only leaned over his shoulder and ran her hands through his hair twice. By the time the meal had arrived, she had informed the people at the table, at least twice, that if I ever wanted to get rid of him, I just had to call her. Of course this was said with a laugh, which my date thought was so cute.

When she reached across the table and stroked his face and told him how cute he was, I had just about had it.

Taking a deep breath, and smiling very sweetly, I ask her if there is something wrong with her chair, which she can稚 seem to sit in it for more then 5 minutes. She smiles back just as sweetly and replies I知 just talking to one of my best friends, I知 sure you don稚 mind if he I take a few minutes of his time.

Being the polite person I am, I said of course not, 土ou take all the time you want, but in reality, what has taken you 20 minutes to say, would have taken anyone else about 2 seconds, and I really don稚 think you need to sit in his lap to tell him about your day.

Well that last little shot, woke my date up to maybe not all was going as well as he thought. So to tick me off just a little more, he started talking and laughing with her more and more, until I told him, that she didn稚 have his full attention so maybe he should move his chair to her table. Which he did! As you can believe, when that happened I started to steam. But never get mad ladies get even. So I calmly got up from the table, picked up his keys and left. About fifteen minutes after I got home, my phone rang and I had a very irate man asking me what the @### I thought I was doing, that was his car I took!!

I told him, when a man takes me out he stays with me or I go home, and he was so busy with 塗is friend* that I decided to go home, and he really didn稚 expect me to walk did he? It took him about a week to figure out exactly why I didn稚 like the woman or his actions. We致e been married over 20 years now, and we laugh about that night. I think we have both grown up a little though, because now if I don稚 like the attention a woman is giving him, I tell him! And he finally figured out, that just because I make a suggestion, he doesn稚 mean he should take it.

I think it's both!  thanks Donna!



heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: mika jo
okay! so i was like going to go out with the best football player on the team to eat some pizza and a movie! well the pizza was pretty good and the movie was alright but when we got to my friends house it was horrible! he was going to kiss me and he had pepperoni in between his teeth! how sick is that so i like kinda pulled away and went over to see my friend to tell her about it and she said ewwwwww. i said let me stay at your house tonight so he does not take me home and try to kiss me on my doorstep or something. i stayed the night with her that night. i tried to stay out of his sight but he had all of his buds looking for me and it was so bad! the night sucked!!!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: JS

I was so happy when my boyfriend asked me on a date to the movies. He's not old enough to drive, so his grandma drove us there. He said not to worry that she wasn't going to sit with us at the theater, just go in there with us. About half way through the movie Matthew still hadn't talked to me or even made his first move. So, I reached out and touched his shoulder only for him to tell me he thought kissing was gross and that he didn't want touched by any girls. That's also when he got his grandma to come sit between/with us. Talk about a family matter!!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Danielle

Here is my story. Please keep in mind that I am telling this story to let all of the world to know that stupidity attracts the same.
I was about 19, and was hopelessly in love with one of my best friends, Brian. As all stories go Brian had a girlfriend. And of course, he wanted me to meet a friend of his from work. I spoke with this guy a couple of times on the phone and he seemed OK, but I was head over heels for Brian. I agreed to go out with this guy. We decided to go over Brian's and have a night of movies with Brian and his girlfriend. This where the stupidity begins, I thinking that Brian seeing out with someone else will be filled with emotions for me... YEAH RIGHT! Did I mention that this "date" took place on the day before I was to get my 4 wisdom teeth pulled therefore not allowing me to eat or drink anything after midnight. So we watched the movies, or at least they did... I watched Brian and the girlfriend. So far... all stupidity is my fault. Well it's about 1:30am and I have my dentist appt. at 10:00 this morning so I decide to I want to go home. My date is driving me "home" and I am so deep in thought about Brian that I don't notice we are headed to a popular overlook in our city. 
When we get there, the once calm and mild mannered date becomes a nightmare!! Touching and grabbing, YUCK!!  I am trying to explain that I have a really rough morning and I really should be getting home. After about 30 minutes, Mr. Jump & Grab takes me home.  As we pull in font of my house I try to make a break but he says the least I can do is give him a good night kiss... GOD PLEASE HELP ME
So I go to give him a kiss on the cheek (STuPIDITY) and this guy grabs the back of my head and kisses me open mouth with menthol cigarette breath well I had to literally break away from him and dash to my house. Needless to say the trip to the dentist the next morning seemed like a trip 
the zoo in comparison! !

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Nina

It was a date to remember ..First my date and I saw a movie and then we were on our way home and we just could not stop pawing one another and then we decided to pull over and have a make-out session and when we finally pulled over we were making out pretty heavy even some of our clothes came of then we saw this bright light and I thought maybe the world was ending because I was a virgin and I was over stepping the line and then a policeman showed up at the window and I was scared to death that I peed myself. Shortly after that , the policeman asked us to step out of the car and he gave us both a citation and told us to go home ..he knew both of our parents so needless to say the whole town found out and I got grounded for two months....BUMMER!!!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Debra

My junior prom was supposed to be one of the most memorable events of my life, well, it was awful.
My date, was a friend of a friend. Who I wish I had never met.

So to start the night off, my date arrived a whole hour earlier than we had planned on. I only had my hair done, so I had to hurry up and get dressed and do my make-up.  After I was ready my mom wanted to take pictures of us, and when she asked him to remove his ball cap, I realized to my surprise he had shaved his head to a close buzz cut.  It was awful, to make matters worse he had this huge scar running down the side of his head. So I thought  to myself, well, I don't think the night could get much worse. I was wrong. He didn't buy me flowers, so luckily my mother was a florist had made me one just incase I needed it. So as we left to leave for the prom, I looked out into my driveway and there where I thought I would see his red,
convertible Mustang, I saw a brown pickup truck.   He was gonna take me to the prom in a truck, when he owned a Mustang!!! We didn't go to dinner like we had planned, because he didn't want to, so he was an hour early for nothing.  We only got our pictures taken because I paid for them.  And to make the night much worse he found a friend of his and they sat and sucked the air out of the balloons while at the prom and totally embarassed me.
Need less to say, we never spoke after that night. ! 


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