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These are some very bad dates here!

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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Cheryl


so i meet this guy...and he seems okay...he calls and asks me to go to a show with him....

he has a really nice voice...soft...smooth...a bedroom voice that one wants to hear whispering in her ear at the right moment....and the darkest brown eyes i have ever seen...oH! lord!  he was gorgeous....kinda' wide at the shoulder..and narrow at the hip..rugged good lookin'...a package that demanded your full and complete attention...this man was beautiful....if you get my meanin'....

soooo of course i say yes...i mean what red blooded american female wouldn't jump at the chance to be with this tanned adonis???

the big night rolls around...

i spend hours choosing just the right outfit to know..those jeans that clung in just the right places...kinda' looked painted on?...and a top...that showed off my best assets...yeppers!  was lookin' rather perky myself i must say.....

the knock came at the door...and there he was...that man of my dreams....looking absolutely scrumptious...uh! uH! UH!  so fine!  and me smilin' face actually hurt i was smilin' so wide....

and then i looked just over his shoulder into the car...and there was a third person....

no! wait..not just a third was a female person...and she was sitting in the front seat....hummmmmm.....

we go out to the car...i am prayin' it is his sister he has to drop aunt...a friend's girl...but when he introduced was as his....WIFE!  what?  wife?!?  yes..i said wife....and they DATE together????  huh?

needless to say...the evening ended rather headed full steam back into the house...and them lookin' on in bewilderment...but what can i say?

just can't date a married man....AND his wife!!!

Okay this is a winner in my book!  Thanks a lot cheryl!


heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Niki

There was this boy that I really really liked.  So finally I worked up the courage to as him out to the movies.  Well, we talked about it and I said he could pick me up at about 5.  he said all right.  Well he picked me up and everything was going well.  the movie was good too.  Well on the way home we were talking.  And then it got to the point where we ran out of things to talk about, so it just got quiet.  Out of no where I got a feeling like i had to fart.  So I tried and tried to hold it in.  But It came out anyway.  You couldn't hear it but you sure could smell it.  After that for some odd reason, we don't go out anymore. 

Story #2.  I was out on a first date with this really really cute guy and the end of the date came near.  He walked me to my door and we talked a little bit before I went in the house.  And he leaned in and I thought it was to kiss me, and I ended kissing his nose.  I just looked up at him and said oops!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Jon

I well it was my birthday senior yr standing by my locker with friends.
it was also their birthdays too around the same time and this girl that i knew
came up to wish me a happy birthday gave me the most perfect wet kiss, that made 
me drop the girl i was going with and started dating her. we have now been married 25 yrs
what can i say kisses must say something!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Esther

My very first date was very stupid. I was 15 he took me to a little town with him &his cousin &taught me to siphon gas. all along i was thinking I'm going to jail. dads gonna beat me &kill these guys & ill be grounded for life. well i gut upset &he said were done got 10 gallons of gas. i said take me home he said no not yet so he went to hit some other place for gas but don't know why. when they left i started walking & called my friends to come & pick me up they all laughed at me. Even now I'm known as the siphon queen. even after 15 years they call me that. need gas call the queen. my first date was not a date  it was just not what i dreamed of.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Betsy

ITe first real date i ever went on was with this guy who i thought i really liked a lot. we went to a movie and then went to a park at night and just sat by the river and talked. well he was a really terrible driver and even ran a red light on the way home. after the park we got pulled over on the way to my house because he didn't have his lights on. it turned out  that he had stolen the car he was driving and he didn't even have his license. he apologized a lot and said he just really wanted to go out with me and didn't want me to think he didn't have a car. it was kinda sweet i guess...

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Kelly

Well, it all started when me, my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. I ordered a shrimp platter. Afterwards we went to see a movie. Well, during the movie I started feeling a little sick. I didn't get up during the movie because I didn't want to miss anything. Well, after the movie I felt worse. I had figured out that I got food poisoning. We had to stop 4 times on the way home because I felt like I had to throw up. The first time we stopped a cop stopped and asked if we were drunk. I was soooooo embarrassed. Well, I didn't throw up until I got home. I was sick for 2 days. It was so humiliating. ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Paul

I was on my way to pick up my date one evening.  It was my first date with my brand spanking 
new drivers license.  I had the radio on.  The sun was shining.  Life was generally good. 
Until I went  into her driveway.  I guess I might have been going a little to fast.  But even so
her dog came running from out behind the bushes.  I didn't see him until it was to late..

it wasn't only the worse date of my life but the worse day of my life!.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: CJ

AI was 17 yrs old and a junior in high school. I saw a man I wanted to date that was older,
(looked like he was 21). One night he asked me for a drive around town and I said yes. But
took a friend along to be safe. It went alright, until the second time we went for a drive.
I later realized he was drinking and wanted out of the car. He was upset at this request and
drive faster, and right out of town! Going about 85 and speeding faster I asked to go home.
The roads where snow packed and slippery, and I was scared. He was cussing me and yelling
at me the whole time he was driving. About 18 miles out of town he tried to make a u- turn
and slid the car around. As he sped up to head back to town he lost control of the car.
And landed in the ditch. We got out of the car and he ran ahead towards town. I was crying
and scared. A local cowboy came along and picked us up, and gave us a ride back to town. I
didn't say any thing to the driver about the man I was with. !
I got to my house and he let me out of the car, and asked me to not to say anything to my
parents. I just ran inside and told my mother. Later that week he left town. I found out
he was married with two kids!! And 27 yrs old. Needless to say I learned a lot from that
night. And I'm older and wiser to dating. Be careful out there.

Best wishes,

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Kelsi

My worst date was TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!! It was a blind date and this guy had to be
400 pounds really I am not prejudiced but this guy couldn't fit in my car!!! he said that
he had a a car we could use it was the biggest car I've ever seen we went out to eat he ate
more food than I have in my house after going shopping we went to a movie and he took up 4
seats really then when he took me home he kissed me he had had garlic and onions at dinner
then he called me all the time I had to change my phone number and become unlisted!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Alicia

I  was on a date with my first real bf. we went to see titanic. in the middle of the movie, he started to French kiss me, i had no idea what he was doing, so i bit his tongue. he screamed and started bleeding in my mouth. i was so freaked out that i ran into the bathroom. i thought i was bleeding too. so i rinsed my mouth out and came back and sat down. i asked my friend where he went he said that he was bleeding so he went to the bathroom. so i figured id wait for him. he never came back. then at school he told everyone what happened, and ever since i've been known as 'vampire'. oh well. that's life. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anon

I met this guy that was everything I wanted till we went to his house for the first time.
That's when it started getting weird, all he talked about was prophylactics and then he 
started beating me with a plastic spoon. I couldn't believe it what an absolute and total nut case. 


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