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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses Flirting Page..
These are some suggestions that the 
users of CK has sent in on flirting.

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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)Laugh at their jokes, hang out around them, smile at them, look at them a lot, talk
with them, or just go for the direct way! Whatever works. .

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)Well.. to let someone know you're interested in them, I would say smile at them
whenever you see them. Say hi, and if you can start a conversation with to them.
Communication is good.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)It's all in body language and the way you talk to them, eye contact is a must too..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)Start off with an innocent e-mail and go from there.. that's how I got my man. I
told him I wanted to know him better. He e-mailed me and told me he wasn't sure how much
better but he certainly knew what he wanted. A month later we were in each other's
arms.. MARVELOUS!!!. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)Eye contact is the key factor and a smile.......approaching the object of desire
comes next or getting them to approach you. Show your interested, don't be subtle be obvious
if u want a bit of action!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
Be friendly, smile lots and lots of eye contact. but don't seem to eager, you might
frighten them off !!. ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)you let someone know you're interested by...well at first you could give them a
smile and then start talking to them...then after awhile...just tell them simply and see what
they say...your heart may get broken...but it's worth it. I would rather get my heart broken
than never tell them that I liked them and them not knowing.....that really sux...


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