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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Grace

Ok..... I'm not going to tell you about my first kiss because that is boring. I'm
going to tell you about the first time I was really kissed. It was with a guy named Robert
(please don't edit his name out) and he was one of my best friends. See what happened was
that I was in really sad mood and I was crying so hard that I was shaking. Then Robert came
in to the counselor's office (that's where I was) and was like, "Grace what's wrong?" And
basically gave me a shoulder to cry on. So we got really close that day. Then the next day
(Dec. 8, 1999) I asked him if he would like to hang out with me after school because he was
moving away in a few days and he's like, "Yeah sure!" So after school we went to his house
and joked around for a little while and started wrestling. Well somehow I ended up laying on
top of him. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his eyes and we kissed each other for
the first time. It was so beautiful. He held me in his strong arms and he knew just how I wanted
 to be kissed. Well I really enjoyed it. 

 My worst kiss was with Shaine..... we were walking down the stairs of
the school we went to and I stopped him and was like, "I'm going to kiss you." So I went in
to kiss him and he just didn't know how to kiss at all! It was disgusting!!!!.
heartballoons2.gif (8339 bytes)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Becca was really unexpected, really. I met him through a friend and he brought me was like, after a few dates and we jess came home front he beach, my home. i lived in
an apartment at that time. So anyway, i jess finished developing this bunch of photos and he
wanted to see them. We were standing at the staircase to my door. I didn't want him too coz
it was so embarrassing and after all that hassle, we jess looked at each other and i placed my
head at his shoulders. i started to pull away and suddenly his lips met mine and *poof*
Sparks flew and i jess felt like i was in heaven..... then i pulled away and he came in again
for another sweet kiss and i couldn't sleep that night...
he's 23 and I'm 18. we've dated for over a year now and we're still a couple and his kisses
still send me to Cloud 9...

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ana

My first kiss was very embarrassing. I started hanging out w/ bad people so that i
could get closer 2 my boy friend. One night my "friend" and i snuck out 2 his house at 10 and
his parents weren't home and we started 2 kiss w/ no passion what so ever and then his mom
walked in! I was in so much trouble. the next day we broke up and ever since then he
hated me and i kept trying 2 get him back 4 being so mean 2 me. It was the worst first kiss in
history!!!!!!!  it was the kind that was in between u don't know if it was a kiss or not! ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Julz

OK, I thought I have met some pretty good kissers, but I think I have found the
Last week, I was at a dance, it was pretty stupid, and my friend and I were thinkin about
leavin...a couple minutes later, I ran into this guy I had met a while back, we instantly
recognized each other, and danced together for every slow song, he was sooo cute, he would
sing each song into my ear, while holding me close! I was in heaven. Then later after the
dance, I didn't wanna leave him and we ended up going up to Salt Lake to see all the Christmas
lights. I guess we just hit it off really fast, cause then we went to a "look-out" over the
entire city. It was amazing, and right there, he pulled me in closer to him, and gave me the
softest sweetest kiss ever!!!!!! It was sooo perfect, we ended up kissin for about 20 min or
so, cause neither one of us wanted to let the other go. Ever since then we have been
inseperable, and I will never forget his special kisses! (sigh)
OK, well my worst kiss was with this guy that every body wanted from my college.
I didn't really know him, but when he started coming around me, I got a lot of comments. One
night we were just talking and out of no where he leaned over to kiss me, so..i guess i just
went along with it.....But YUCK!!! He was ALLLLL tongue! I about barfed, with his slobber
running down my cheeks!! ewww.. and when I opened my eyes, HE WAS STARRING AT ME, while KISSIN!!
i felt soo stupid!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Pam

Through the fantastic realm of the internet, I have found a long lost friend that I
have not seen since 1975. What's so amazing about this is that we discovered we live (after
much traveling and many years) one mile away from each other. Too Weird! Is that destiny or

My heart feels like it's going to burst every time I see him, and I'm pretty sure he feels the
same way. We have sent many "CyberKisses" (and some real ones as well). I think after many
years of heartache for both of us, we have finally found what we were looking for.

(This is very heart warming..  thanks for sharing it with us - CyberKisses)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anonymous

i had my best kiss when i was 19. there was this girl that i was seeing off and on,
nothing serious, but i did like her a lot. we used to go to a certain club every weekend
(separately) and would only say hi to each other and then go our own ways to dance, drink (in
her case), or whatever. anyhow, at the end of the night, ,i would usually end up taking her
to her car because she would park so far away, and i didn't want her to get hurt or anything
(the club wasn't in the best part of town). well, one night on such an occasion, i suddenly
felt the need to kiss her, but was too nervous to try. instead, we sat in my car, and i
waited for her to tell me goodbye, and that she would call, or ask me to call her. she didnt.
we just sat there for a couple minutes, and she turned to me and asked if she could ask me a
question. i said sure, and then she asked me to turn my head and not look at her. i asked why
and she just said "please?" so i did and she asked if she could kiss me! !
i turned and looked at her and told her that id been wanting to kiss her for a very long
time. then we leaned into each other real slow, and i experienced the most amazing kiss of my
life....even up til now...she was definitely my best kiss :) *sigh*

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anonymous

I fell in Rota, Spain. It was not my first kiss but it should have been as
it would have been the only kiss I would have ever wanted from the only man I have ever
loved. That was 33 years ago. It did not unfortunately "work out" but my heart cries every
time I think of what might have been.



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