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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Bhe_Key

Well, it was after my Christmas Party at work, I went with this girl called
Janet (absolutely stunning). So we went out for a small break, all night long I felt blessed by
her presence, so we went outside and I listened very carefully to what she was talking
about, basically I let her have the stage, so to speak, I have kissed girls before so it is
not something new.

As we were outside I thought I might as well thank her for a wonderful night so I hugged her
then, well we hugged we connected the wrong way all that I remember were our lips were like
nanocentimeters apart, even b4 any lip contact I felt a rush that I've never felt before,
slowly she pecked me on the upper lip and all I can say is that I knew I had found the woman
of my dreams then as my lips connected with hers for a proper kiss I completely left planet
earth for a while when I came back down I was in love and I still am,
Hey !
I think I should tell her this...........
I am In Love
I am In Love
I am In Love
I am In Love

Janet If you read this (you probably will)
I'd love to say this in front of all the Cyber junkies (and pervs) I LOVE YOU!

 well I was drunk and I saw what I thought to be a hottie, so I went over with
this new mentality that I will snatch her grap her by the neck and just plant a kiss on her,
I mean the worst she could do was slap me, So I gabbed her planted the kiss and felt a beard
and after carefully inspecting this "hottie" it appears miss hottie was actual Arnold the
Transvestite need less to say that was the last time I kissed anyone under the
heartballoons2.gif (8339 bytes)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Doris

When I was in 8th grade I met the man I was eventually was going to marry. He set
next to me in class. We never hardly talked but somehow I always knew he was special. Was I
ever right. Almost 4 years later, There he was again. In my life. After a short time we dated
and became high school sweethearts. I remember our first kiss how soft and sweet his lips
were against mine and how I could tell right then our future would hold many wonderful things
to come. Almost 10 years later we have 2 precious children and been married going on 8 years.
Through all the good and bad times, His kiss and touch is still very dear to my heart and I
wanted to dedicate this to him and let him know How much I still love him.
I will always love you Craig!!!.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Alyssa

My first kiss was so Forgettable =( but my second kiss was the best I've ever
tasted! Now that I try to recall I can only smile and sigh. We sat down to take a breather
after taking a long walk by the beach trail. All the stars were out that night, or so it
seemed. The gentle sea breeze whispered sweet nothings to the nature that surrounded us. We
sat on this bench facing the ocean and the view was not only spectacular but very romantic.
I distinctly heard the waves and the rapid beating of my heart as he put his arm around me
and asked if I was cold. Without a word I shook my head and smiled shyly at him... then he
whispered my name and I turned to look at him while he stared at me lovingly with half a
smile. Gosh, the anticipation made me deliriously breathless! Then he drew closer, one hand
cupped my face and as we closed our eyes our lips touched ever so softly. It was so
unbelievable - a kiss that could make you forget your name and address for a brief m!
oment =Ů Too bad we're not together anymore, but man oh man... that kiss is by far
unsurpassed.!!. ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Nicole

I My first kiss was when I was 14 yr old girl. We had been at a family party, at the
beach, and after our parents had gone to bed, we went for a walk, along the beach, in the
moonlight. The night was warm, soft breeze blowing, and waves were lapping at the shore. We
held hands as we moved away from the lighted houses into the darkness, talking and feeling
the warmth from each other's body, and the passion that grew in our own. At last, out of the
sights and sounds of any other human beings, our lips touched, our tongues entwined, and we
both felt the stirrings of passion deep within us. I'll never forget that first kiss, for it
lead to so much more happiness that evening, and many others, as the two of us explored and
enjoyed what neither of us had experienced before. She still sees me, from time to time, and
we always talk about that night, and our first kiss, before we share another.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Crystal

It was the fourth of July and of course everyone expects to see fireworks. Well, not
me. I had to fly to New York to meet my family for vacation. Now naturally when you meet the
perfect guy something bad has to happen. And it did. I had been sort of set up with a friends
friend. I thought he was cute but when I had previously met him he wasn't what you would call
'Prince Charming'. But I Knew that there was something special about him. So, on July 3rd we
went out. I then told him that I would be leaving the next day for 8 days. ( that is the
horrible thing that happened )

The night went wonderful. Near the end of the date I began to get sad. I liked this
guy a lot and I knew that there were a lot of other girls that felt the same way about him. How
was I ever going to keep this guys attention while I was gone across the country? Thinking
that nothing would become of this set up, I went to the door expecting to hear "I had fun".
Well, I did hear that but it wasn't in a corny way, it was in a way that portrayed exactly
what I wanted to hear. As I was standing next to my grandfathers door, my heart started
beating so loudly, I swore he could hear it. Then it happened. He kissed me ever so gently,
not too fast and not to long. It was the most perfect of all kisses I had ever experienced.
It was 1:30 a.m. which means that the fireworks that came from that kiss was also the best
firework display I had ever witnessed. I didn't miss fireworks on the 4th of July after all.
But, the best part of this whole story is that I know that there will be many more!
fourth of July's to spend with the object of me affection

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anonymous

We went out for dinner....I sat across from him, just looking at him....Despite the
not-so-neat appearance (jeans and an old sweatshirt), he was so handsome... that gorgeous
black hair...those beautiful hazel eyes...lips that I could only imagine were as soft as they
looked...he looks so sweet and innocent, almost like an angel! 

After dinner, we decided to catch a movie, so I hopped in his truck, and off we headed to the
local theatre. Alas, there were no good movies playing.... so we just sat there in the
parking lot talking. We talked about lots of things -- very serious things...past hurts,
current stresses.

The tears were streaming down my face from the painful things we were discussing, and my
heart was pounding from being so close to him. And slowly.. very slowly, I leaned in a
little closer. And he leaned in a little closer -- and I swear it took forever because I was
leaning so slowly. *giggle* My heart was beating so fast, I just know he must've heard it.

For two people who are 23 years old, and have kissed before, it was slightly clumsy... the
way he closed the distance between our lips...and I was so nervous that I was trembling...I
don't think either of us was sure if the other wanted a kiss. I was trying to be all cool
and nonchalant about it...hoping he wasn't noticing how close I was trying to get.

Then our lips finally met -- and his were the softest sweetest lips that I've ever
kissed. By now, I was SURE that he could hear my heart beating so fast, and I kept wishing
that the moment could just go on forever. And I remember thinking "Wow.. that didn't just
happen. Must've been a dream. I hope I never wake up."

To the ordinary observer, it was just an ordinary kiss. It lasted only seconds, just a
gentle kiss on the lips. But if you could have been in my shoes, you would have seen
fireworks, and heard the rumblings of a summer thunderstorm just getting started. Time stood
still. The world stopped turning. Suddenly, the only two people on this earth that mattered
were him, and I. It was pure magic. My lips started shaking, and my eyes started tearing up
again -- I hoped that he would attribute it to me being cold and still upset. But it was all
because of him....his kiss... and I will never forget it.

Then, in the aftermath of it all, my heart sank. It's a feeling that I just can't
describe -- how could someone like me ever deserve someone like him? But ya know what? I've
been kissing his lips every chance I get, ever since. And to this day, I'm not sure what he
was thinking that night - just never got around to asking. But I guess it really doesn't
matter now.. cuz he's my angel.. nobody's but mine.

And I still love to look at him.. his gorgeous black hair...those beautiful hazel
eyes....that sweet sweet tall.. and such strong arms...and innocent and angelic
face. He's my angel. I just hope that one day I can express to him just how much I really
do love him -- cuz mere words just don't seem to do what I feel any justice.

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