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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : TY

Well, my first kiss happened when i was 18 but I don't like that story. I like the
story about the guy I am in love with. I am 20 now, and I had told this guy I had only
wanted to be friends. but then I had changed my mind and we agreed to be on neutral grounds,
so a few days after that we had gone out, and we were chillin', and right before he went home,
he kissed me. I was a bit surprised, I had expected it, but it was so nice to have finally
happened. I had spoken to him, and he said that I had not kissed back right away, so he sat
there going, wait for it, wait for it. I guess it is a boring story...but now we plan on
being married.

My worse kiss was when this guy i used to like kissed me, but i didn't like him
anymore, and he tasted like some kind of gross college food.  
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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Roni

It was when I was in 6th grade. My first year in Junior High and everybody kissed
their mates. I didn't want to because I wanted it to be sweet. I had told my boyfriend that
and he understood. We thought we were madly in love. (But it was just puppy love.) It was a
Monday and we were at lunch. He had been blowing kisses to me all morning. We had just went
to the black top and he was getting ready to play Basketball, and he told me to come to him.
My girlfriends were with me of course because they always are. Then he got down on one knee
and pulled out a ring pop and said "****, I love you. And I wanted to know, will you share my
first kiss with me?" And of course I was in shock. I said "yes!" It was very sweet to me
because it was like a proposal, but it wasn't. I thought it was pretty cool and even though I
am in 9th grade I still think that was the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me.
***Smile) ROCKS!..

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From: loving rage

It was a cold day, early December, she asked me to go to her house, what do u think i
say? i said ok, but on the inside i was saying YES YES YES, we sat down and started to watch
TV when all of the sudden 98 degrez came on the MTV, they were singing some song that said
the moment is right, i looked into her eyes, i could tell she wanted me to, but i didn't know
how i looked back at the TV. When i looked back at her , her face was in mine, we kissed like
anyone has kissed before, lovely, passionate, and meaningless :o)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anonymous

It was a fairly cool night in a strange city. We were both there for business but on this night the
two of us had other business in mind. We had played this game for months now. The friendship had been 
building, but so had the chemistry. We had just finished dinner and he furnished the chewing gum.
It started with an innocent embrace, it had to be  made to look that way, which lead to fireworks. 
The city lights twinkled below us, the cars were filled with riders above and the moon was bright. 
It all happened so quickly yet slowly all at the same time. Our lips met, the rest is history and 
for a brief moment we were both...On Top of The World.

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