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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Chad

I remember my first kiss because it was the best one so far. I was at the beach and
had met this really awesome girl. She was sooooo hot and I just knew that she had a
boyfriend. As the night went on, we shared a chocolate milkshake and after what seemed like
forever, we both shared our first kiss. It was so awesome that I thought I was gonna just
melt right there. Of course I had to get some more so that's exactly what I did. We're still
together and every second I long to be sharing another one of those heavenly kisses with her.

Now, French kissing. Me and my girlfriend had been promising each other a French
kiss the next time we were together because we have a long distance thing. We planned on it
being beside her pond. So when I got there, we walked down to the pond. Ga I was so nervous.
Then it just happened. It was so awesome. Before then, I was worried about messing up or
doing something horrible. Everything just went smooth though. We love sharing every single
one of those kisses and I will always cherish them all

heartballoons2.gif (8339 bytes)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anon

Let's see, the first kiss i ever had was with my best friend. It wasn't romantic or
anything just a kiss. But then I met my first real boyfriend. When he kissed me the first
time i felt fireworks.. after a while they started to fade as did our romance. I am still
waiting on my next kiss from my current boyfriend whom i have been with for almost 19
months... I just feel sorry for the people around us when we do kiss, there are gonna be
sparks and these may cause wild fires.. LOOK OUT CONNECTICUT! :) ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Fazia

my first kiss was the most unexpected one i have ever had.. i was acting in theatre
and we were a huge group with girls and boys .and when we were free we sometimes turn the
lights of and play a strange game in the theatre saloon. the game was to catch people in dark
so u can never see the one u caught. first boys catches girls and then girls was catching
boys. it was boys turn. i was hidden at the corner of the back wall and some one was coming
near me touching through the wall to check if somebody is there. and then suddenly we came
face to face. and that was the boy i was having feelings for a long time. and then he asked me
if its me or not and then after i said that it was me he put his hands on my cheeks. i was
stuck at the corner so i couldn't move. i pulled down his hand but it didn't work.. and he
was coming closer and closer. and u know what happened.. it was really unexpected..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Sandy

My first kiss was amazing!!! I really like the guy a lot and finally got the guts to
ask him out. He said yes and we decided to go ice-skating that night together. I'm a figure
skater so i knew what i was doing and he played ice hockey so he knew what he was doing too.
It worked out perfectly! I was leaning against the boards and he started to come into me!
My heart was beating a mile a minute!!! He put his hands on my face and leaned himself into
me more and then his soft lipd touched mine very lightly and he pulled away and looked at me
and put his soft lips against mine gently than i felt his tongue against my lips so i opened
my mouth and we ended up kissing each other for 15 minutes on the ice!!! It was the greatest
night of my life!!! I am still dating the guy!!! We have been dating for 4 years 8 months and
3 days!!!

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