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I'm getting some awesome Kissin' story's!
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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Tasha

The major elements of a great kiss is too
A. not rush
B. don't start out thrusting your tongue into their mouth
c. basically take time

My first kiss was horrible and I vowed that I never would kiss again. Since I
have been in college I've kissed again and when she kissed me it was heaven she just pecked
at first and licked my lips and then she slowly started moving her tongue into my mouth and
she sucked my tongue and licked the inside of my lips. I almost died and now I love to kiss.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Melissa

time--long, soft, deep, wet kisses.. nothing rushed. let her know that u enjoy this.
kiss her eyes, her nose, her eyelids, her neck.. a kiss isn't just on the lips. the back of
the neck, her feet.....leave nothing. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ryan

I think for a kiss to be great, the person should look you right in the eyes, 
then take you in his arms, and kiss you. You should feel like their is
no one else in the world but you and him. Their  should be some serious tongue action too!!
And hopefully you shouldn't have to wipe your mouth off when you are done.! ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: crystal

I think the major elements would have to be the ones that are sweet and romantic. I
know one thing I like and that my boyfriend enjoys is sucking on the tongue. That will get
you every time. Not too hard not to light just right. Another thing would have to be just
l playing with each others tongue. You know moving you tongue gently around the other and
moving it fast at times. A thing that will make just the right kiss and romantic would have
to be the guy gently puts his hand right on your neck by your ear and pulls you slowly to him
while you stare in each others eyes. That's all I can think of for now maybe you should try some
of these things if you haven't already.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Crystal

My first real true sweet and romantic kiss seems just like yesterday. It was with my
boyfriend that I am still with to this day and soon into the new year 2000. Today is the 29th
of December. Anyways like I was saying. We had a cyber relationship for a few days and just
clicked. We decided to take it into action and finally meet. We decided to meet at the movies
and we did. I got there just before he did and we went to buy the tickets. We decided on
Grease. Just for the fact that we have both seen it and it would give us some time to be
alone. (if you know what I mean) Well we watched the movie for a few minutes and then we both
began to look into each others eyes. That's when it hit. We moved closer to each other and our
lips soon met. It was the little peck but it was the most sweetest and best thing I will
always remember. We both to this day kept our movie stubs just so we never forget. We have
moved closer and closer and I love him dearly. Matthew if you read this !
I love you.  I will never forget our first moments together and our first kiss as I said..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Kaylee

Major elements of a great kiss, well it has to be with someone you care about to make
it passionate and worthwhile! it's has to be slow and sensual!
gentle nibbling of the lips, and tongue involvement is compulsory!

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ashley

My first kiss with my new boy friend. Was really cute. He tried to kiss me on the cheek
on our second day of going out. I could tell that he wanted to kiss me. 
I wanted him too...too. So he tried. This was in the a matter of minutes. 
Ok I was getting ready to leave school. 
Then all my buds said "Blank" kiss Her. We know that 
you want to. And so does she. So he tried. The first 
time was on my ear. Then The second try was on my upper 
cheek. Then the third, lower cheek, then the last try 
was on my lips it was so funny. I will crack up about 
this so much for the rest of my life. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anon was our 1st date and we were sitting together head on his
shoulder and when i looked up at him...he smiled and said "U KNOW I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR
U"......and when i asked what it was he asked me to close my eyes if i wanted
it............and when i did so, i got the biggest and the most beautiful surprise of my FIRST KISS!!!!. 


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