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heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From : Lea

I was having a really crummy day (complete with two final exams and a head cold) and
all I wanted to do was curl up and die. As I slouched into my dorm room, I found dozens of
roses strewn about and my boyfriend standing in the middle of it all. I stood frozen in the
door way until he came over, gave me a bear hug and gentle kiss, and said, "This is just to
let you know that there is bright spot in every bad day. I love you." 

morekisses: I have been sick for a couple of months... One day when I was at my absolute
worst (everything from migraines to cramps, fever to vomiting) all I could do was sleep and
cry, sleep and cry. My boyfriend came over, held me tightly and kissed my forehead... just
to make me smile. Then he put up the Christmas lights that had been laying in the box until
I had enough energy to decorate the room. By the time he finished, I was already drifting
back to sleep, so he kissed me again and held me until he had to go to class..
heartballoons2.gif (8339 bytes)

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Dan

Better chance to win a lottery,

I was having a horrible day last Sunday, not getting out of bed until 10:00am, 
driving to my shop, feeding the dog and making necessary repairs to my vehicle, then 
going back to bed. I was very depressed. I got back out of bed at 4:30pm and was 
hungry. I knew I had to let the dog out, (who lived at my shop), so I got out of bed 
and drove back to the shop. I didn't figure on meeting anyone, so I put on my work 
clothes and slippers.. I must have looked horrible. Before starting the drive over, I 
had looked around my house for a takeout menu for a specific Chinese restaurant in 
a neighboring town, but couldn't find it. I really wanted Chinese, and it HAD to come 
from this specific Chinese restaurant and not the one within walking distance of my 

When I got to the shop, I let the dog out and decided to check my email. The only 
email in my box was a response to my personal add from Denise, who happened to 
be in that neighboring town, where I was going to go for Chinese. I decided to write 
a quick email back to Denise to give her my phone numbers and such. Well, I 
started to type in the fact that I was going to go to get Chinese food at this specific 
Chinese restaurant, but really didn't think she was going to be sitting in front of her 
computer to get that message in time to meet me there, because I was heading out 
the door as soon as I finished my email and the restaurant was only 10 minutes 
away, so I deleted that portion of the email.

I got to the Chinese restaurant, like I said 10 minutes after writing the email to 
Denise with phone numbers only, for her to find later. I placed my order and walked 
away from the counter. At that moment a woman sitting waiting for her order with 
her daughter asked, "Are you Dan". Of course I responded, "yes", and looked at 
how I was dressed, thinking oh my god, I didn't want to see anyone like this. She 
then told me that I had an email waiting on my computer, because she had 
responded to my personal add. I, in turn said that I had already responded to that 
email, but deleted the part about meeting at this Chinese restaurant 10 minutes ago. 
How did she know that I was going to be there. But of course, she didn't know I 
was going to be there, she commented herself that she had no makeup on and must 
have looked horrible herself.. None of that seemed to have mattered, because in less 
than an hour after she wrote a response to my add, we were having Chinese takeout 
at her apartment.

What are the chances of a meeting like this happening. That evening we had 
Chinese food together at her apartment. We are now on day four of seeing each 
other. Tonight is Pizza night at PapaGino's for Denise, her daughter and myself. I will 
remember that Sunday at the Chinese takeout for many years to come.

This has got to be the most chance meeting that anyone has ever heard of or 
experienced. I probably should have played the lottery that Sunday and stand a 
better chance of winning than ever meeting someone the way that Denise and I met.

It has been over a month since our first meeting and we see each other regularly. 

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Ebony LaPosta

My first kiss was with the hottest guy in year 8. His name was Bevan and he was just
the right height for kissing. 
I wasn't allowed to kiss a guy until age 14. So i was totally excited when we went on a date.
We met at my house and went to see the movie Never Been Kissed!! 
Bevan was more experienced than me, he wasn't a virgin but that didn't bother me. The movie was
just beginning and he put his hand on my shoulder. 
I turned to look at him, and our eyes met, he leaned over and i tilted my head and our lips
met in a passionate get.
It was absolutely perfect, but he had to ruin it my attempting to feel me.
I told him no and then the date had been ruined. I should of let him because i had regretted
when he dropped me the next day.!

(Ebony LaPosta no you shouldn't have...  If he dropped you cause you wouldn't let him touch you then he's a LOSER! ) ROCKS!..

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)
From: Julz

my best kiss ever would have to be with the guy I'm with now.  He makes it feel like the
first time every time. its like he has the touch of cupid and i love it.

my worst kiss was from a first timer (of course) and he had no clue what he was
doing.  He slipped the tounge but it was stiff,   god he has no clue.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Myriah

my best kiss ever would have to be with the guy I'm with now.  He makes it feel like the
first time every time. its like he has the touch of cupid and I love it.

my worst kiss was from a first timer (of course) and he had no clue what he was
doing. He slipped the tongue but it was stiff, god he has no clue.

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Krista

A great kiss is... when you care about someone so much that whenever you try to say it, it comes 
out wrong, so, you kiss him instead to show him just how much you care and that you love him more
than any words can say:) It's too bad that my first wasn't exactly that way
what could I expect!? I went with my boyfriend to a movie with my friend and her boytoy. The entire
time, they were buggin me and trying to get me to kiss him. I didn't at the movies for several
reasons, one of which included the fact that the  movie we were watching was Toy Story 2... 
definitely not a romantic movie to say the least:) When we dropped my friend off at her house, she 
told her boy that she needed to show him something inside her house and they knocked on the car 
window before going inside as a major hint. Then, it just happened, he held my face in his hand and 
we kissed...only to be interrupted by my friend and her boy knocking on the window trying to get my 
attention. I would love to say that my first kiss was wonderful, and in a way, it was... but I was 
mildly disappointed that there were no fireworks  like I had always dreamed of, exploding in my head
my boyfriend and I broke up and he doesn't even care to speak to me anymore. sad, eh!

you wanna hear a love story?! listen to this... I fell in love with a guy despite a betrayal of
a friend, and that guy has never loved me back...or at least he has never shown it... all I am to 
him is a friend and that's all I will ever seem tobe to him. and yet, I still love him.
call me crazy
call me dumb
but that's just the way things are

heartbutton3.gif (1086 bytes)From: Anon

First off, just little kisses he needs to move his lips a little bit. Some guys just
stand there, they don't move. French kissing, not too much tongue, don't put your tongue down
her throat. Nibbling is permissible. For some girls anyway. Myself included. And the major
number one factor for a great kiss, make sure you are definitely attracted to each other!

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