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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses
Just the card Ma'am Page

Here are ALL The cards you can send from Animated CyberKisses
(I think...I might have missed some.. I hope not I work hard to bring them all to you..)

Just click on the icon or the link to be taken to the page of your choice...

Does CyberKisses have any kissing pages?  I hope to shout I do!

Follow your heart to Girl Kisses... Girl Kisses This is the original girl kissin' page.  Here you'll find bunches o' kisses, French kisses, Lovin' you kisses, Missing you kisses and there is even some clown kisses... These are just a few of the kissin' cards you'll find here.
Follow your heart to MORE Girl Kisses... Girl Kisses 2 On this page you'll find some very nice cards also.  There are hand holding cards, Happy Balloons and angel love.  You'll find E-mail kisses, cowgirl kisses, sick bed kisses and a sweet dreams card.  These are just a few of the kissin' cards you'll find here.
Follow your heart to Girl Kisses... Girl Kisses 3 More of the original girl kisses.  Here you'll find a mixed bag of animated'll also find angle kisses, e-mail kisses and more! just a few of the kissin' cards you'll find here.
Follow your heart to Guy Kisses... Guy Kisses This is the original Kisses from the guys page.  It's got much the same cards as the Lady's page cept they are guys lips.. this includes the E-mail Kisses, Thinking of you, love you and many more cards...  These are just a few of the kissin' cards you'll find here.
Follow your heart to More Kisses... More Kisses You asked for them and here they are...All kinds of kisses can be found on this page even a Kiss My A** card...~*l*~  These are for girls or guys to send..
Wet Kisses can be had here! Wet Kisses There are some fun slurpy kisses on this page!  You'll find wet kisses, deep wet kisses and even some licks here!  These are just a few of the kissin' cards you'll find here.
All kinds of hugs & Kisses Hugs and Kisses All kinds of cute fun  huggin' and snugglin' cards are here.  There are even some Hogs and kisses here! *lol*
Blowing some soft warm kisses... Soft Blown Kisses  Wanna blow someone some CyberKisses?  Then this is the page for you! Guys and gals.

These are the love cards you can send...

Love Cards Love Cards Love Cards.... Express your Love with these fun cards...Sweet and mushy cards..
Blowing some soft warm kisses...  Puppy Love Puppy Love...  Cute pictures of a puppy....Everyone loves a puppy!
Heart warming story's about first kisses... Jungle Love Fun Jungle Love cards!!!  Shots from the Zoo in Oklahoma with and without a caption.
Wet Kisses can be had here! Love Hurts Sometimes love hurts.. Semd someone you know who's hurting from lost love a cute little pick-me-up..

Good Night

Follow your heart to Good Night... Good Night Let CyberKisses say good night for you!

Good Morning

Follow your heart to Good a morning... Good Morning Need to send a good morning card?

Full Moon Cards

Full Moon Cards... Full Moon Cards Full Moon Nights fall on different nights each month. Check the front page for this months date...

Missing you and Welcome Home..

Follow your heart to Missing you... Missing you/
Welcome home
Do you need to tell someone welcome home or that you're missing them?  this is the place!

Smiles, Nibbles and Pouts..

Send a Smile, Nibble or a Pouting Card Smiles, Nibbles 
& Pouts
Would you like to send your sweetie some nibbles or a friend a smile?  Perhaps you need to pout a bit?  

Animal postcards.. for the animal in YOU!

Animal postcards Animals Animal post cards to bring out the animal in you!  

Fantasy postcards

Fantasy Postcards Fantasy Some fantasy drawings of dragons and such..  

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Postcards Dream Catchers Send someone some sweet dreams with a CyberKisses Dream Catcher.. 

Would you line to send some virtual flowers? 

Flower Cards Flowers Flowers these are some lovely flower cards.  Beautiful roses to send to your love..
Wild Flowers Wild Flowers Wild Flowers...Nature at it's best...

How about some scenery cards?

Scenery... Scenery Scenery Cards from around the western US and Mexico...

Let them know you are thinking of them.

Thinking of you page Thinking Of You Let them know that you are thinking of them.

Meeting Page 

Meeting Cards Meetings Meeting cards when you would like to move to the next level. 

The Dog Days of Summer! 

Dog Days of Summer!... Dog Days! July 3rd - August 11th, 2001 Are the Dog Days of Summer!

Hot Enough For Ya Day! 

Hot Enough For ya Day!... Hot Enough? July 23rd - August 11th, 2001 is the ONLY day you're allowed to say "Hot Enough for ya?"

How Hot are ya? 

How Hot are ya?!... How Hot? How Hot are YOU????? A fun little flash!

Don't Step on a Bee Day! 

Don't step on a Bee Day!... Don't Step! Don't step on a Bee Day! July 10th 2001...

Ice Cream Day! 

Ice Cream Day!... Ice Cream Day! July 15th, 2001 is Ice Cream Day!

LoveBug Page 

LoveBug Cards LoveBug LoveBug Cards...Have you been bitten???. 

Looking for some forgiveness? 

Forgive Me Cards Forgive Me Let them know that you are thinking of them.

Friends Cards

Friendship Cards Friends Cards Cards you can send to your friends or Friendship cards..

Work days Cards

Work Days Cards Work Days Some cute Work Days cards.  Send them around the office.. Send me your suggestions!

Anniversary Cards

Anniversary Cards Anniversary Celebrating another year together?  Send em a cute CK card...and some flowers while your at it!  *s*

Java Postcards

Java PostCards Java Postcards There are some great Java cards here...Be aware that some browsers can't view them.

Flash 4 Postcards

Flash 4 PostCards Flash 4 Postcards There are some cute Flash 4 cards must have the flash plugin for them to work. It's all explained on the page...if you are using IE5 or above it's no problem

Secret Admirer Card

Secret Admirer PostCards Secret Admirer A fun little card to let that special someone know you care without risking rejection...*s*

Congratulations Cards

Congratulations PostCards Congratulations Give someone a fun little atta boy card...

Birth Announcement Cards

New Baby PostCards Birth Announcements Mom, dad or even Grandma can send a card here! You can even congratulate someome's new birth with a cute card!

Thank you notes

Thank You PostCards Thank You Did someone give you a hand?  Help you or even sent you a  card that you might not want to get to mushy with?

Get Well Cards

Get Well Cards Get Well Cute cards to help them down the road to recovery..

Want to chat with someone special or just connect with them?

Lets chat/Connect Cards Lets Connect 
& Chat
Here are some cute little icebreakers! ROCKS!..

Marry Me cards.

Marry Me  Cards Marry Me If all this lovin worked you can even propose online!  Let me know if CyberKisses has helped you snag that special someone!


Teen  Cards Teens Cards that were suggested by teens...I'm always open to more suggestions.. 
just mail them to 

School days

School day Cards School/College School days cards...  Another way to send a cute or funny card to your friends.. 

Survivor Cards

Survivor Cards Survivor Cards Survivor love the show now send a card!

Can't find that ONE card you want?

Custom Cards Custom Postcards A totally customizable card.. you can send any image and midi that is on the net!  

CyberKisses Home for kids..

Kids Cards Kids Klub Cards suggested by and for Kids!   

E-Mail and ICQ Tag cards

E-Mail tag Cards E-Mail Tag Like Phone tag only for the millennium! 
ICQ cards ICQ Tag Cards you can send to your ICQ buddies..

Need some birthday cards?

Birthday Cards Birthday Cards Say Happy Birthday with a cute CyberKisses birthday card!
Page two of Birthday Cards Birthday Cards 2 More Ways To Say Happy Birthday! card!
Belated Birthday Cards Belated Birthday Cards ooops you missed that special day!
Birthday Tradations Zodiac Cards Zodiac Birthday Cards  Pick your month and a little saying..
Zodiac and birthstones Relative Cards There are cards for your relatives birthday here also...

Looking for some fun cards to send?  then you've come to the RIGHT section!

Cards to make you laugh! Fun Cards Fun Cards to bring a smile to everyone!
More fun cards! Fun Page 2 Fun Cards 2 Brighten someone's day with a humorous card..
Blowing some soft warm kisses... Mood Cards Let em know how you feel.. send em a mood card!!!  Cute cards based on the smiley face.
Blowing some soft warm kisses... GoodBye! GoodBye! Some tell it like it is Cards!
More funnies! Humorous Cards Humor Page  More fun cards...these will make you lol so be careful if your at work!
More funnies! More Humorous Cards Humor Page TWO More fun cards...these will make you lol so be careful if your at work!
Havin a bad hare day! Bad Hare Day Bad Hare Day.  A cute little play on words
Don't be such a sourpuss! Sourpuss Cards Sourpuss Cards.  Do you know someone being a sourpuss?  Let em know how you feel!
Don't get your knickers in a knot!!!! Knickers in a Knot A fun way to tell someone they're being a bit too intense...*l*
Dance with the Y2K bug... Y2K Bug Dance with the Y2K bug!  This was a bust wasn't it!  *l*
The Ultimate Remote! The Ultimate Remote Every man's dream remote!
No Cards! No cards are fun cards that say a variety of things like No BS!  Check it out!

Holidays Past and Future Page...

Follow your heart to Holidays page... Holidays Page Holidays Page...this has all the holidays that CyberKisses has cards for..

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