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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses
Flowers and their hidden meaning page

I've always heard  "say it with flowers."
Now you'll know what it is your saying!

  Flower What you are saying
Abor Vitae Unchanging friendship
Anemone Expectation.
Buttercup Childishness.
Camelia, White Loveliness
Candy-Tuff  Indifference.
Carnation-Deep Red  Alas! My poor heart.
Carnation-White  Distain.
China-Aster  Variety.
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety.
Chrysanthemum - Yellow Slighted Love.
Clover - Four Leaf  Be mine.
Clover - White  Think of me.
Clover - Red Industry.
Columbine - White  Folly.
Columbine - Purple Resolved to win
Daisy - White Innocence.
Dandelion Love's oracle.
Dead leaves  Sadness.
Deadly Nightshade Falsehood.
Dog Rose Pleasure and pain.
Fern Fascination.
Forget-Me-Not True love and forget me not.
Geranium - Scarlet Consolation.
Geranium - Rose Preference.
Golden-Rod Be cautious.
Heliotrope Devotion.
Honey Flower

Love, sweet and secret.

Hyacinth - White Unobtrusive loveliness.
Ivy Fidelity
Lady's Slipper Win me, wear me.
Lilac - Purple First emotions of love.
Lily - Day Coquetry
Lily - White Sweetness.
Lily - Yellow Gaiety.
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness.
Lotus Flower Estranged love.
Mignonette Your qualities surpass your charms.
Mistletoe Difficulties, I surmount.

Danger is near.

Myrtle Love.
Orange Blossoms Chastity.
Pansy Thoughts.
Passion Flower Faith.
Peach Blossom I am your captive.
Pear Blossom Affection.
Poppy - Red Consolation.
Primrose Inconstancy.
Quaking Grass Agitation.
Rose Love.
Rose - Thornless Early attachment.
Rose - Deep Red Bashful shame.
Rose - Yellow Jealousy.
Rose - White

I am worthy of you.

Rose White & Red Together Unity.
Rosebud - Moss Confession of love.
Rosebud - White Heart ignorant of love.
Shamrock Lightheartedness.
Spanish  Jasmine Sensuality.
Straw Agreement.
Straw - Broken Broken agreement.
Sweet Pea Depart.
Tuberose Dangerous pleasures.
Tulip - Red Declaration of love.
Verbena Pray for me.
Violet - Blue Faithfulness.
Witch Hazel A spell.
Zinnia Thoughts of an absent friend. ROCKS!..

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